Why I Do This…

So my kids asked me the other day, “Mom, why do you even have a blog?”

I replied, “because I really love reading and I want to share my thought.”

But, it’s honestly more than that. I really started to love reading when I was in the 5th grade. My best friend at the time let me borrow her copy of The Outsiders. I fell in love…with the story, the characters and with reading. She and I read that book over 20 times that summer. The copy we shared was worn, dog-earred and had pages taped back into place. In 7th grade she switched schools and couldn’t see each other as often. So, like a child in a custody battle, we shared custody of our beloved book. When it was time to return the book to the other person, whomever had the book would write a letter to the other. We kept that up for a couple of years, before we grew apart and our lives changed. I still have the book and I will bring it out from time to time and look at the letters. Ironically, we always signed out letters with a line from the Robert Frost poem mentioned in the book – “nothing gold can stay

It was this experience with my friend and the book and all the time we spent discussing the characters and their situations that really developed my love of reading. I love to talk about the books I’ve read, but my husband doesn’t really appreciate reading the way I do. (Love you, honey). my current bestie lives too far away and only texts, so that doesn’t really work, and my kids, well they much prefer talking about sports and boys. 😉

My husband suggested a blog and I decided to go for it. I don’t care if anyone ever reads it, it just makes me feel better.


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