Review: Dead of Winter, Arcana Chronicles Book 3

By: Kresley Cole

My rating: 4.95/5 stars (so close to five so why not five right? I’ll explain that below)

Of course, I can’t start a book review without some sort of preface, because well, that’s just me. So, I’ll explain. I had book one of this series, Poison Princess sitting on one of my Kindle “shelves” for a long time before I finally read it. A friend recommended it and I trust her judgement in books, but for many reasons it took me a long time to finally read it. Wish I would have read it earlier! I love this series of books. They are more than just your typical YA dystopian reads. What, in my opinion, makes them different is how relatable the characters are, even if they have super powers and we don’t. 😉 I also enjoy a good romance and these books have an epic romance component. Once I started book one I couldn’t stop and immediately read book two. Then we all waited for book three…

Finally, I have finished book three of The Arcana Chronicles, Dead of Winter. The book brings back all of our favorite, not-previously-killed Arcana, the lovable wolf Cyclops, introduces us to four new Arcana (although one only briefly and he is still a mystery) and of course my favorite Cajun hotness, Jack “J.D.” Deaveaux in all his Cajun French speaking yumminess! ❤️

The book picks up where book two left off, with Evie racing to find her Arcana allies and save Jack from The Lovers, after escaping from Death/Aric. While book two was not as much action and more relationship development, book three definitely is more action. There are battles and rescues and a few deaths. However, the meat of the story is the love triangle that is Evie, Jack and Aric/Death. She is, of course, torn as she has feeling for both men and they both love her. While I understand the necessity of it all, Evie’s wishy-washiness drove me crazy. In the previous books she was always strong-willed and stood up for herself. In this book she waivers constantly with her feelings for Jack and Aric. They both state their cases and they both try to sway her and eventually they give her an ultimatum that she must choose one and set the other free. While is is all going on the three of them are on a rescue mission and the rescue scenes were really exciting.

Here is where I took off 0.5 of a star…
All is finally well and Evie has made her choice. The one she chose is gone and in a grand gesture she runs off after him. And then tragedy…

That’s all I will say about the major, gigantic, heart-wrenching, tear-inducing cliffhanger that we are left with at the end of this book. It was purely selfish of me to take away part of a star, but really, I just wanted a happy ending in the romance department. Is that really too much to ask? 😉

So now we wait…and wait…and wait for book 4. It’s going to be a long wait for me. Are you Team Jack or Team Aric? Either way this book will give you everything you want in a good read.


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