The New Adult Genre

I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for a while. Life and obligations have kept me quite busy, but it never impedes my ability to find time to read. Although I’m late to the game on posting, I have reviews of several books almost ready to post. I’m such an irresponsible blog writer, but with all the book goodness coming out in the next couple months I have made myself a promise to be better about posting. Even if only one person reads my review I’ll be happy. 

I have several favorite authors and I’ve been kind of stuck in the new adult genre lately. I’m not entirely sure what draws me to this genre of books.  Maybe it’s because I might throw up if I read another vampire novel. Someone I follow on Twitter tweeted a request for new adult book suggestions stating she reads a good one and the. Has a hard time finding another really good one. I wholeheartedly agree. 

Admittedly, I think the new adult genre is probably difficult to gain a footing in finding something really meaningful. There’s just so many NA books out there and right now the all seem to be following the same tired storyline of Fifty Shades of Gray. (which I absolutely hated by the way. Go ahead and hate me. 😗). I have also read too many books about tattooed bad boys being reformed by the girl. When done right, I can get down with a tatted hottie who shows some vulnerability and I do kind of like an alpha male, but let’s use some creativity here, authors. I want more and I, not afraid to admit it. 

I was pleasantly surprised recently when I read my first Ginger Scott book. She is a shining star in the NA world, along with Jennifer Armentrout, Cora Carmack, Abbi Glines and Penelope Douglas (who is somehow billed as YA, but man that Fall Away series is pretty adult). 

After a lot of thought about what I feel makes Ginger Scott’s books different, I realized it is her uncanny ability to have both the male and female main characters vulnerable and real. This is Falling was a truly beautiful read.  I was stuck before to find something I really liked and now I’m stuck on Scott’s books. I literally have all her books lined up on my Kindle waiting their turn in the queue.  

I am always looking for suggested reads in any genre. What suggestions do you have for me?

What am I looking forward to: Fall With Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout (3/31);  The Replaced by Kimberly Derting (4/21); Aflame by Penelope Douglas (4/21)

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