Review: 99 Days by Katie Cotugno

I was super excited for this book. I feel like it was on my to-read list for forever.  I read it in one day. I guess that means I liked it. I did, but it was not an easy book to read. I also wasn’t truly prepared for the actual plot and story based in the synopsis. The concept was different, each chapter being one of the 99 days, but it worked. It worked really well actually.  The subject matter was rather deep for something marketed as a YA novel. It’s definitely mature YA.
Molly was friends with the Donnellys her entire life. The sister, Julia Donnelly, was her best friend.  Gabe Donnelly, the older brother, was her friend. Patrick Donnelly, Julia’s twin, was Molly’s true best friend and boyfriend. They had issues and broke up. She made a mistake. Her mother capitalized on her mistake (you will have to read it to find out how). She was bullied and ousted and full of guilt so she ran and left town for a year. The book begins with her return and ends with the end of summer. 
None of the characters are easy to like, with the exception of Gabe, who later lost points in the likability category.  Molly, the main character, was the most difficult to like, which was hard for me. Molly is wishy-washy at times, insolent some of the time and other times down right frustrating. I know she’s an 18 year old, but come on, most 18 year-olds I know can better handle the situation. Molly lies, cheats, and blames but almost never takes responsibility for her part in the disaster. 
The writing, though, was phenomenal. It is gritty and real; although, I hate when people use the word like, which I realize is how a lot of people talk, and these characters used it often, but….I digress. 
All in all I would recommend it. 4.5/5.  

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