Review: Nowhere but Here (Thunder Road) by Katie McGarry

When I left my review for this book on Amazon, I titled it SOA (Sons of Anarchy) Lite. I suppose that wasn’t really fair. I mean the comparisons are motorcycle club and epic romance. Honestly, it was the comparison I made in my head when I tried to envision the Olivia (club matriarch) character. I could not stop picturing Gemma…no matter how hard I tried. 

Emily is the daughter of Eli, a member of the Reign of Terror motorcycle club. However, she has been living far away in Florida, away from the club and the club’s lifestyle. She is thrust back into the scene after the death of her grandmother. When Emily returns to Kentucky for her grandmother’s funeral she is an awkward reunion, danger and secrets galore. She is forced to stay in Kentucky while her mother and adoptive father return to Florida. Over the course of the summer, secrets are revealed, relationships are tested and young love blossoms. 

Emily kind of grated me at first, but she eventually gets over herself and holds her own and then I really liked her. Her relationship with Oz was a nice slow burn of hate turning into young, epic love and was written very well. Something I think Katie McGarry does better than a lot of authors is write strong, emotional characters that make you really feel. This is no exception. 

I don’t really have any real criticisms other than I was left wanting more Emily and Oz.  The next book in the series focuses on new main characters in the club, which is par for the course with McGarry’s series. However, I really wish she would go back and revisit Emily and a Oz in a later book because I think there is so much more to their story. 

This book was published on 5/26/2015 and is now available for purchase. 

My rating 5 out of 5 🌟

Review: The Mistake (Off Campus Book #2) by Elle Kennedy


He’s a player in more ways than one…

College junior John Logan can get any girl he wants. For this hockey star, life is a parade of parties and hook-ups, but behind his killer grins and easygoing charm, he hides growing despair about the dead-end road he’ll be forced to walk after graduation. A sexy encounter with freshman Grace Ivers is just the distraction he needs, but when a thoughtless mistake pushes her away, Logan plans to spend his final year proving to her that he’s worth a second chance.

Now he’s going to need to up his game…

After a less than stellar freshman year, Grace is back at Briar University, older, wiser, and so over the arrogant hockey player she nearly handed her V-card to. She’s not a charity case, and she’s not the quiet butterfly she was when they first hooked up. If Logan expects her to roll over and beg like all his other puck bunnies, he can think again. He wants her back? He’ll have to work for it. This time around, she’ll be the one in the driver’s seat…and she plans on driving him wild. 

Oh John Logan!  I want to hug you and squeeze you and love you forever!  😍. John Logan has just shot to the top of my book boyfriend list. I’ve read a lot of books…a lot, and John Logan is by and far my favorite male book character–even better than Travis Maddox. See what I mean!  He is real, vulnerable, funny, loving and at times broken, not messed up, crazy broken, but facing real life issues broken. 

I liked book one, The Deal…a lot. Garret and Hannah were great, but Logan and Grace and their story is near perfect. Elle Kennedy’ series keeps getting better and better. The characters were relatable and lovable. Grace was sweet and sassy and I am so happy that she was written as stronger and confident and someone who can manage herself in relationships without completely falling apart or becoming completely attached to the point she can’t live without her man. I hate female characters like that. We also get interaction with Garrett and Hannah, who plays quite a bit into the story. We also get the fun and quiet Dean (who’s the MC in book 3!  Yay!!!), Tuck and Griffin. I did not like Ramona, which is not a surprise, because I don’t think we were meant to like her. If she never reappears, fine by me. 

This book will pull you in from the start, make you fall in love with John Logan and feel everything from happy, to mad to sad. 

My rating:  5/5 stars