New release review: Rip by Rachel Van Dyken


Title:  Rip

Series: Standalone (but coincidences with the Elite series)

Author:  Rachel Van Dyken

Publisher: Van Dyken Enterprises, Inc.

Publication Date: October 20, 2015

Format: eBook

Genre:  Romantic suspense, contemporary romance

Pages:  296 pages

Rating:  4.5/5 stars

Synopsis:  Pretty things aren’t meant to be broken.
But I broke her, and now we both have to pay the price.
I’m her nightmare.
I’m her savior.
And now that I have her signature on an ironclad contract, I own her body and soul.
She doesn’t remember me.
She will.
It’s inevitable.
Because as much as I know I need to stay away, for fear of unlocking the memories I helped her father bury–I can’t.
She was the apple in the Garden, dangled in front of me, her core so tempting and sweet. A voice whispered. Just. One. Bite.
I bit.
I tasted.
I fell.
Welcome to the world of the Russian mafia, where death, is your only future.


Review:   Rip is a standalone contemporary romantic suspense novel; however, many of the characters from Van Dyken’s wildly popular Elite mafia series appear in the book.

Rip is the story of Nikolai and Maya.  Nikolai is part of the Russian mafia and Maya is the daughter of the Russian mafiaoso.  Nikolai and Maya have a history, but that history is a secret that only he knows.  Nikolai wants out from under the hold of Maya’s father.  Maya detests her father and his “business.”

Rip is a dark, romantic suspense.  It is seriously scorching at times.  There is murder, mystery, romance, angst and even a little humor.  Even with all the darkness, there is a happily-ever-after.

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