New Release review: Dirty Trick by Emma Hart


dirty tricks

Title:  Dirty Trick

Series: The Burke Brothers #4


Author: Emma Hart

Publisher: Pocket Star

Publication Date: 1/25/2016


Genre:  New Adult Romance

Pages:  259 pages


Rating:  5/5 swoonworthy stars!!!!!



Synopsis:  The sexiest, most mysterious Burke brother of all peels back his stage persona to reveal the real man—and the rock-hard body—behind the rockstar in the banging fourth book from New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart’s hot new adult series that began with Dirty Past, Dirty Secret, and Dirty Lies.

After witnessing an endless string of late nights, long tours, and eager groupies her world-famous father could never resist, Chelsey Young knows the dirty truth behind the glamorous façade of the rockstar life. Which is exactly why she takes hot as hell guitarist Kye Burke to bed when he decides he wants her.

One night. That’s how rockstars roll.

Unless your name is Kye Burke. The quietest of all his brothers, Kye’s style has never really been pumping and dumping, so pursuing Chelsey isn’t a hard choice for him. The hard part is keeping hold of the girl who’s hotter than the Sahara one minute then so cold even Antarctica wouldn’t touch her the next…despite the fact that they can’t stay away from each other.

The fact that he’s about to leave for L.A. to record the newest Dirty B. album doesn’t work in his favor, either. A long-distance relationship is the reason Chelsey’s parents divorced, and she’s sworn them off. Completely. Forever. No way.

Kye has two weeks to prove to Chelsey that he isn’t the kind of man her father is. She has two weeks to convince him that it’s never going to happen. But Kye didn’t get where he is by giving up…and even if it’s the fight of his life, there’s no way he’s giving Chelsey up.



Review:   Please excuse me.  I’m a little teary-eyed knowing that one of my favorite series is now ended.  *sniff, sniff*


I have had a long and satisfying love affair with the swoonworthy Burke brothers since I read book one – Dirty Secret.  All four of the Burke boys are lovable, but I have been waiting and waiting for Kye’s story in Dirty Tricks.


Let me explain the boys if you haven’t read the books.  Connor the nice one.  Tate’s the asshole.  Aidan is the manwhore.  Kye is the mysterious one.


Kye is everyone’s best friend and no one’s boyfriend.  He is everyone’s shoulder to lean on.  Kye has had a thing for Chelsey since high school, but Chelsey is a prickly one.  She is proud of her bitch moniker.  They have a one night stand and suddenly Kye can’t get enough.  Unfortunately for him, Chelsey thinks it’s a mistake and she can’t remember most of it.  They have this fiery connection and undeniable attraction, but Kye is a rock star and Chesley doesn’t do rock stars.  Her father was a famous rock star and he left her and her mother high and dry for groupies and the rock star lifestyle.  Chelsey has never gotten over that.  Kye wants Chesley and he will do everything in his power to convince her that he is not her father and that he won’t hurt her.


Two pages in and I was skyrocketing Kye to the top of my book boyfriend list.  I knew, without a doubt, that he was going to be my favorite and I was not disappointed.  The chemistry between Kye and Chelsey is off-the-charts.  I wanted to smack Chelsey upside her head a few times so she would get out of her head.  I think I might have yelled something along the lines of “wake up you idiot,” more than once and that’s a good thing.  It means you are invested in the book.


Dirty Tricks has romance, disappointed, angst, and the perfect amount of steaminess to make it a winner and the perfect wrap up to a series I have seen in a long time.  (Hart includes POVs from all the Burke boys in the epilogue so you can see where they are all at in their lives).


My recommendation:   Make this a part of your library.  ***This can be read as a standalone, but the Burke Brothers is a must-read series.  Start with book one.  You will thank me.

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