4/5 star review of Weekend Immune System by Holly Tierney-Bedord



Title:  Weekend Immune System

Series:  Standalone


Author:  Holly Tierney-Bedord


Publication Date:  March 30, 2016

Genre:  Romantic comedy, Choose You Own Ending

Pages:  That all depends on you!


Rating:  4/5 I forgot how much I loved these books stars!



Synopsis:  Remember thos awesome Choose Your Own Ending books from childhood?  Weekend Immune System is like that, but for adults.  It’s the story of Juniper, a woman in her early twenties.  Over the course of a three day weekend, You’ll make decision to steer her life in dozens of different paths.  Some paths are happy.  Some are devastating.  Choose wisely.  Juniper’s life depends on it.


My Review:


Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure stories you used to read growing up?  You know, the ones where you would get to the end of a chapter and make a choice then turn to a specific page to further the story?  That’s exactly what you get here, only this is an adult book and Juniper is a hot mess.


There are a ridiculous number of ways to read this book.  I think I may have read the story with ten different endings and each one was unique.  My reads were hysterical at times, sometimes sad, and sometimes I wanted to throw Juniper’s sister through a plate glass window.  That woman is a b&^ch!


However you choose, you will be thoroughly entertained by this book.  In a world where so many books are similar, this one sets itself apart from the rest just by being itself.

How will your reading adventure end?!



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