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SAFE WITH YOU by Sophie Lira

PUBLISHER: Swoon Romance

Publication Date: April 26, 2016

Ages: New Adult

Category: NA Contemporary

Olivia’s starting over in the Big Easy. But just under the surface, she’s terrified her abusive ex-boyfriend will find her.

Kyle’s dream of playing pro baseball was shattered when surgery left him with rods in his leg, a rebuilt knee, and no idea who he is without the sport he’d built his life around.

Broken and alone, Olivia and Kyle could be exactly what the other needs.

Just as they begin to trust what they’re feeling, things take a dangerous turn when Olivia’s past catches up to her. Will Olivia run again, or stay and fight for the life she and Kyle deserve?


Author Interview

I would like to welcome author, Sophie Lira, to Quesarasera Book Reviews.


Tell us a little about yourself, Sophie.
Well, I live in New Jersey. I’m a huge sports fan (Football, Baseball, the Olympics) and I love to travel. When I’m not writing, I work in a small brewery. I love beer and really appreciate the craft in it. I’m really fortunate to work with awesome people who are really great at what they do.
Have you always wanted to be a writer?

No, actually. It’s something I kind of just fell into about four years ago. I went through a horrible rough patch when my father passed away. I needed something to get my mind off it, and a family friend suggested journaling. I was never a Dear Diary kind of girl, so I decided to take up writing. I loved the classes I took in college so I went with it. I found a really great core of writer friends to help me edit and guide me through the journey.
Safe With You is set in the awesome city of New Orleans.  What made you choose New Orleans as the setting?

I wanted something fun and different in the south. I’m from the Northeast and after 30 years, dreaming up something in a new city was definitely needed.
Do you have any funny writing quirks?

I never plot or outline. Ever. I’m trying to do that now with a new manuscript I’m working on. But for this whole series, I just went with the flow in my head. I also can not write in 3rd person or past tense for the life of me. Apparently I’m one of the few, haha.
What was the hardest part of writing Safe With You?

Editing! I went through a million edits (and two re-writes!) before I was signed with Swoon. Since I mentioned I don’t really outline, I had to re-write a lot. But I found a good medium of writing down the big picture after I was done with a chapter which really helped me pick the flow I needed.

Sophie, thank you so much for stopping by my blog!


Excerpt from Safe With You

“Liv, I would never let anything happen to you.” I know. The words are a firm, solid promise. As his lips press to my forehead, I practically shudder. “Just let me in a little more. I won’t let you get hurt.”

I won’t let you get hurt again, either.

Before I can look up, his arms wrap around me and he holds me close. The hug has the most perfect amount of affection and pressure to shield me from the world. The softness of his T-shirt laced with his cologne is like the most luxurious blanket I never want to leave.

I get comfortable, leaning into him still, basking in the quiet, serene atmosphere, until I doze off, loving the way I feel in his arms. (Olivia, Chapter Seven)

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Author Bio

Sophie Lira grew up smack dab in the middle of New Jersey. As a self-proclaimed sports junkie she can usually be found rooting for the New York Yankees, Baltimore Ravens, and especially her Alma Mater, Rutgers University. She’s also a seasoned beer snob with a preference for crisp pilsners, pumpkin anything, and chocolatey stouts. Her number one passion outside of writing is her never-ending wanderlust. Sophie is always looking for her next batch of frequent flier miles, passport stamps, and the perfect clouds to post on Instagram. She still resides in Central New Jersey and spends her days at an Industrial Design firm working in HR. Favorite things include: Dunkin’ Donuts coconut iced coffee, the Olympics, all-you-can-eat sushi, and Siberian Huskies.



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