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England Adams (The Adams Series, #1)England Adams by Elaine Dwyer

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England Adams is so yummy, I can’t even. This book is a breath of fresh air in the romance genre.

England is a fighter with a heart of gold. He’s had both one-night stands and relationships. His ex is downright crazy.  Enter Janelle. She wants the real-thing, the lasting love, the One, but all she can seem to find are losers.  They know of each other, but she’s kind of shy.  He asks her to lunch and she freaks and tells him no.  Then she needs his help (it’s nothing major) and there is the funny, little, awkward moment where there is an almost kiss and that is the point that things are really set in motion.  We are treated to a great romance that’s a little bit slow-burn and a little bit epic.

The thing that makes this book different is the smart way the romance between England and Janelle develops. It’s realistic and sweet, not that bam they love each other stuff that we all know rarely happens. Sure, there is instant attraction, but their relationship builds at a nice steady pace that gives the reader a chance to feel connected to the characters and really want to root for their happily-ever-after.

If you’re looking for something real and refreshing that will pull you in and not let you go until the very last word, then this book is for you.


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Trained fighter, England Adams, is looking for the match of his life – outside the ring. Tired of one-night stands and crazy exes, he’s ready to settle down.

A collection of failed relationships may have dimmed Janelle Accetta’s optimism about finding a forever love, but a sexy neighbor has sparked renewed hope. If only he can prove to her he’s not just like every other man.

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Elaine Dwyer

ROMANCE, ROMANCE, ROMANCE! I LOVE it, I READ it, I WRITE it! That’s ROMANCE, not erotica, meaning that the sex described usually takes place between two consenting adults who are in (or will soon be in) a committed relationship. It’s my PLEASURE to WRITE for YOU!

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