5 Star Review of No Angel by Tara Hart

no angel


No Angel

Author:  Tara Hart

Publication Date:  April 18, 2016

Genre:  New Adult & College




Charlie Hunt is a slut.

Have you ever let one word define you? Allowed one single word to shape your reality? I have.
I’m not the girl you take home to meet your parents. I’m the opposite.
I’m a sure thing with no strings attached, but one college jock took it too far, and for once, I’m the person who needs saving.

Evan Dawson is lost.

I never imagined myself back here, in my childhood home, looking after my wayward brother, but here I am.
This isn’t the life I planned for, but as soon as I set eyes on her, everything made perfect sense.
The reason I’m here, the purpose of my existence is to be with this girl and make her see her worth.

For Charlie and Evan the journey has never been easy, but can two complete opposites become one whole? Or will Charlie’s reputation tear them apart?


My Rating:  5/5 Stars!


My Review: 

No Angel is a gritty, emotional read that you won’t be able to put down.

No Angel is the story of Charlie and Evan.  Charlie is a beautiful girl with zero self-esteem.  For years, people have called Charlie a slut and now she believes it, too.  Evan sees her at a party.  He has no idea who she is.  All he sees is a beautiful girl dancing like no one is watching.  Then his brother tells him Charlie is no good.  Evan sees her again a few weeks later when his brother throws a party.  Something happens to Charlie and Evan comes to her rescue.  Evan is her savior, but he’s no angel either.  Evan has his own set of issues.  They grow closer and they are falling for each other, but both are holding back, keeping secrets and those secrets threaten everything.

Reading the evolution of Charlie and Evan’s relationship was emotional.  He was supportive of her when no one else was because he could see a Charlie no one else could.  I loved that Charlie finally came into her own, stood up for herself and became a strong woman who didn’t need anyone else’s validation.

I was very impressed at the way Tara Hart wrote the topic of slut shaming.  There are some definite trigger issues in this book, but Hart handles the issues delicately and honestly.

This book has all the feels and a beautiful romance.  I loved it.

Warning:  Contains triggers that may be difficult for some readers to read.

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