$0.99 Sale Alert! Dodging Trains by Sunniva Dee

One of my favorite reads of this year is on sale for just $0.99!  It’s only on sale for a short time!  Go grab it…quick!


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is on SALE for 99 cents for five days, five hours, and… thirty minutes!!


I was twelve when a stranger at a train station taught me the meaning of ugly. He forced himself on me and threatened to kill my family if I told.

I stayed silent, and the ugliness grew.

Now, that word rolls in film clips through my mind. All I’ve done since my best friend, Keyon Arias, left town is cement how ugly I am. Ugly on the inside—deep down to my core. On the outside… I am a Vixen. I flash men a smile and make them moan out pleasure I control.

Not them. Never them.

After five years of being away, my beautiful boy has come back to town for his father’s masquerade ball. He’s different. Hard muscle supersedes the skin and bone of his once boyish frame. One thing hasn’t changed though: the murderous look in his eyes when he slaughters his opponents. In the ring, I see the bullied boy, all grown up, dominating in ways he couldn’t in high school.

He’s the mayor’s son. The rising MMA fighter. The beautiful one.

I’m not the Paislee Cain of before, not the sweet girl he once knew, the one who chased away his bullies. I’m the town slut. The dirty girl whose shame will never fade no matter how many men I use. He’d disown what I’ve become.

Because beautiful can never love ugly.

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Blogger Quotes:


That’s all you need to know. Everything about this book is intense: The love, the hate, the sex, the emotions. Everything. This is my second Sunniva book, and I will absolutely read anything she writes.” – RomanceNovel Giveaways Blog

“A fabulous journey of friendship,love, lust, angst, trauma, darkness, and healing. This is not a routine cookie-cutter romance.” – Wicked Women BookBlog

“Keyon is magnificent in every way you can image. He is a selfless hero, fierce and destructive while nurturing and romantic. But he also has his own set of demons to slay and sometimes facing your demons is the hardest part.” – Obsessed with Romance


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