4.5 Stars for Underwater by Maayan Nahmani


Title: Underwater

Author: Maayan Nahmani

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 26, 2016





In an instant, my world turned upside down
Because of one incident, my life will never be the same
Every day I struggled to breathe
Every day I went through the motions
I felt too much
I was numb
I was drowning
I was lost inside the black
So they made me go there
I was already there, watching from the dark
And then I met him
And then I saw her
He scared me to death
She took my breath away
He was darkness
She was my light
They whispered he can’t be touched
She was the only one I could touch
I couldn’t be with him, they needed me
I fucking needed her
So I told him I would be his friend
I told her I would be her friend. For now.
But I couldn’t resist him for long
She finally realized that she’ll always be mine
We were a hot mess
We were the perfect kind of mess
Then reality dawned on me
Then my demons broke loose
I was underwater, trying to break through to the surface
I reached out my hand, trying to pull her to shore
Could he really help me?
Would she accept me, scars and all?
This was us
This was our story

Author’s Note:
“This book is based on true events and contains sensitive subjects that may be a trigger to some readers, such as violence, abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. It also contains a parent with cancer. It is recommended for ages 18 and up.” Safe. No cheating/OW.


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My Review:

Underwater is a beautiful, haunting story of two broken people who find solace and safety in each other.

Aria has always been expected to be strong. Her father, her best friend, has been diagnosed with cancer, and she is expected to hold the family together, despite her own pain and suffering at his diagnosis.

Dorian is a broken man suffering from PTSD after serving in Afghanistan. He came back a broken and scarred man. Literally scarred. He scares people with his offputting behavior and the ugly scars on his face. Nothing and no one can help him…until her.

When Aria and Dorian, who have a past that neither one of them can remember, meets, sparks fly and suddenly, Dorian recognizes that Aria is the only one that can calm him, take away the fear and the memories.

Underwater is truly a beautiful story. All the feels are there. There is a good amount of angst and a story of love and healing that had me reaching for the Kleenex.

My rating: 4.5/5 stars

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