5 Star review of Keep (Seaside Pictures #2) by Rachel Van Dyken


Keep (Seaside Pictures #2)

Author:  Rachel Van Dyken

Publication Date:  July 11, 2016

Genre:  Contemporary Romance


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My name is shouted on rooftops.
It’s written on bras, on the inside of bathroom stalls, hell my name is everywhere.
To say my name is to experience an orgasm without ever leaving your damn house.
My name is Zane “Saint” Andrews.
I’m sex.
I’m a rock god.
I’m also…a virgin.
What they don’t know won’t kill them right? Give the people what they want. And what they want is the idea of me; the pleasure they gain at listening to my song and knowing without a doubt I’m talking about them and only them.
It worked for a while.
Until a nerdy girl with glasses falls at my feet, literally, and suddenly I don’t want to be Saint anymore, what I want? What I really need?
Is to be kept.
By her.

This is a rockstar romance with lots of kissing, sex, funny one liners, and life from a different angle. I hope you guys enjoy, and remember, it’s all about the mallow.

My Review:

5/5 Stars!!!

Keep is a beautiful, sweet and sexy romance about a rock star and a local girl.  You will love it!

Zane is a rock star, who goes by Saint, is sexy, loves to be naked and is a virgin.  Shocker!  His outward appearance does not portray a virgin, but Zane has a complicated past and suffers from severe anxiety.  His anxiety is out of control after an on-stage accident and now he is hiding at his friend’s house in Seaside Oregon.  He meets Fallon, a beautiful girl hiding behind big glasses and a smart mouth.  They don’t exactly hit it off at first, but after some prodding on his part, Fallon agrees to be his friend and muse.  But, just friends.

Let me warn you…you WILL need tissues.  The overall tone of the book is lighthearted, but there are some pretty emotional moments throughout the book.  Zane is a fantastic character with tons of depth.  Zane and Fallon’s romance is beautiful and complicated.

I loved this book and I think you will, too!

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