New Release! 4 Star Review of It’s Never Enough by Susan Soares

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It’s Never Enough

Author:  Susan Soares

Publication Date:  July 26, 2016

Genre:  New Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Synopsis:  What happens when just one bite fails to satisfy you?

Mallory’s life imploded when her best friend died. One year later, Mallory tries to press on and deal with the disease that helped to kill her best friend and continues to torment her. She lives in denial, believing she has mastered coping with her bulimia.

On one of her daily visits to her favorite coffee shop she meets Devin. He has emerald green eyes and gives off a sexual vibe that can be felt for miles—especially by Mallory. But for how sweet—and ridiculously hot—Devin is, Mallory still feels he’s hiding something. Then again, so is she.

Can their passion keep their secrets hidden? Or will the truth tear them apart?


My Review:

4/5 Stars!

It’s Never Enough is an emotional read. At its core, it is a romance, but this is also a smart and honest look at mental disease that is done quite well.

Both of the main characters, Mallory and Devin, are suffering from mental illness. Mallory is a bullemic and uses food to deal with her emotions and stress. Devin has PTSD after serving overseas in the military. Neither knows the others’ issues when they meet. The begin a sweet romance, but eventually signs of their illnesses arise. They care about each other, but it is difficult for them to trust, so it takes time for their romance to really blossom. They need each other, but they need to fix themselves first.

I applaud Susan Soares for her honest portrayal of mental illness. She does it with respect and doesn’t over-dramatize it. Too many times, mental illness is used as just a plot device and not given the respect it deserves. So, Susan, thank you for this!

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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