4 Star Review: The Gift-Knight’s Quest by Dylan Madeley

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The Gift-Knight’s Quest

Author:  Dylan Madeley

Publication Date:  March 26, 2015

Genre:  Fantasy


When a young woman named Chandra takes the throne under suspicious circumstances, she has to solve the deaths of the King and Queen before those responsible get to her. She has to maintain peace in an empire where people consider her the number one suspect.

Derek is summoned by an official letter and his people’s tradition to be Chandra’s personal guard. He’s immediately suspicious given that her family ruined his once-noble ancestors, but if there’s no way to escape the world’s largest empire, what might he do to turn the tables?

Interwoven with Derek and Chandra’s story is the history of their ancestors, infamous and famous, that lead them to confrontation. A new world is built before the reader’s eyes, and key groundwork is laid for the impending sequels, leading to a highly detailed narrative.

The first of a planned trilogy.
My Review:
4/5 Stars!
The Gift-Knight’s Quest is a beautifully written fantasy that takes you on a fun journey through the fascinating world of Kenrik.
The book is very well-written.  Madeley takes his time using imagination to create this amazing world.  The characters are highly developed.  No one-dimensional characters in this book.  Madeley takes his time and introduces his characters with care, which in turn makes the reader care.  Derek and Chandra are really quite perfect.  I ran the gamut of emotions reading the book and found that once I picked it up, I had a difficult time putting it down, especially once the action really began.
A perfect fantasy novel with plenty of action, magic and characters you can’t help but love.

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