Surprise New Release: Tag Catcher – a new short story by Kandi Steiner. Plus two standalones on sale!

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Paisley Bronson thought there was nothing she could want more than to open her own bakery. That was, until Corbin Ray put a ring on her finger. Now, the time she was focusing on cupcakes and pastries is being geared toward wedding dresses and centerpieces. She’s ecstatic about every part of the planning process.
Well, almost every part.
Corbin wants to tell his family in person, so he’s flying Paisley home to Oklahoma – for the first time. Not only will she be meeting his family, but she’ll also be reunited with the girl who almost came between her and Corbin – Rachel.
As the week of celebration ensues, Paisley finds out she may not fit with Corbin as much as she thought. Doubt and jealousy creep in more and more each day and Paisley is suffocated by an uncertainty in their relationship that she never felt before.
She gave up chasing tags, but did she truly catch the ones around Corbin’s neck?
Fight for love with the couple who started it all in this Chaser Series short story.
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Teaser 1
“Can you just talk to me for a minute?”
“What is there to talk about?”
At that, he purses his lips, his blue eyes intensifying. “Come on, Paisley.”
“How can you not see that she is all over you?” I ask, exhausted. “And worse, she’s better than me – in literally every way. Do you know what that’s like? To see you with her, behaving so naturally, while I feel like an alien from not just another planet but another galaxy?”
“Yeah, I think I do have an idea,” he says pointedly. I don’t have to read too much into his glare to know he’s referring to Tanner.
“Oh, please. It’s not the same with Tanner and you know it.”
“How is it any different?”
“Because! Tanner is my best friend!”
“And Rachel is mine!”
His words effectively knock any further argument I had off the table, and it’s all I can do to just close my mouth and stare at him.
Did he really just say that?
I knew they were close, but best friends? And why does it sting to hear him say that about her and not me?
Corbin shakes his head. “Paisley, I love you. I love you with every ounce of blood in my beating heart.” He pauses, lifting his hat long enough to run a rough hand back through his disheveled hair before replacing it again. “But what you just did was completely uncalled for and immature.” As if I didn’t already feel like shit. “I’ll give you your space, but when you come back, you need to apologize. And not just to my parents. To Rachel, too.”
With that, he turns and slowly walks back to the house, leaving me stranded in the road.
And feeling more alone than ever.
More in this series:
Tag Chaser (#1)
Paisley Bronson is a 27 year old successful advertising professional, but the most exciting part of her life happens outside of work. Claiming the life of a Tag Chaser toward the end of her college career has taught her one thing: Never get too close. She has enjoyed her dating lifestyle, but when her best friend makes a bet that she won’t ever be able to date a normal guy, her competitive nature takes control and she vows to change the game.
When Paisley meets the incredibly handsome and practically perfect Corbin Ray, she begins to think keeping her word might be easier than she thought. But when an accidental discovery reveals that Corbin is in the Army, she knows she must run the other way and never look back. Although it kills her, she aims to move on and look for a new prospect.
There’s just one small problem.
Paisley’s been assigned a new client at work, and his name is Corbin Ray.
Will Paisley and Corbin give in to the chemistry between them, or will their past and present complications keep them apart?
Fall in love with this fun and irresistibly naughty game of cat and mouse.
Song Chaser (#2)
For more than a year, Tanner West has tried to shake his feelings for his long time best friend, Paisley Bronson. She was the perfect girl to fit the lyrics in all his favorite songs – the girl he had always wanted. When she fell in love with another man before Tanner had the chance to tell her how he felt, he was left with no resolve to find love again. Burying himself in school and easy girls has become his new lifestyle, but when Kellee Brooks shows up at his favorite bar, he begins to think there may be another verse to his song, after all.
Kellee Brooks moved to New York City for one thing: escape. Growing up in a small town where her entire life was planned out for her, she’s desperate to break free and find herself without following the same path as her mom. Kellee thought working at the local dive bar would mean more money for school, but when she meets the smoldering, scarred honey eyes of Tanner West, she finds there’s much more hiding in the smoky building than just a few tips.
With Paisley still haunting Tanner and Kellee vowing to save anyone the trouble of loving her, will the pain and fear keep them apart – or will they find a way to rewrite their song together?
Break free with this heartbreaking story of letting go and letting love in.

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