3.5 Star Review of Dandelions by Vivienne Vincent



Author:  Vivienne Vincent

Publication Date:  July 14, 2016

Genre:  Adult Romance



“There are no Rhett Butlers and Darcys in real life. Only Heathcliffs.”

An avant-garde romance that goes beyond sexual chemistry and digs deep into human nature and relationships.

Elizabeth Goodenough met Saber Fergus for the first time when she was eight and he was twelve. He broke her heart when she was eighteen. Ten years later, an unwitting mistake on Izzy’s part once again brings her face to face with the same one-night stand that once brutally crushed her.

But something seems different this time. Has her dark knight really transformed into a knight in shining armor, or is he playing her all over again?


My Review:

3.5/5 Stars!

Dandelions is…well, it frustrated me, made me laugh, made me angry and finally, made me smile. The book takes a long and winding road to get to that happy, but the ride is worth it.

Izzy met Saber when she was eight. Her first impression wasn’t positive. Then, the book jumps forward 10 years and things go from bad to worse before finally reaching that happy ending. Only, I almost didn’t want the happy ending. When you read it, you will understand.

Izzy needs to gain some self-confidence in the beginning, but when she finally speaks her mind and stands up for herself, she really shines. Saber is a douche…that is all. I don’t like to say I don’t like a character, even if story line driven, but I really didn’t like Saber. Now, before you go saying to yourself, I don’t want to read a book where I don’t like the hero (or in this case more like anti-hero), just know that he was written that way and Vincent did a fantastic job of writing him this way.

I liked the story. I thought it was well-written and had some unique twists to it that made it stand out. However, the writing was very formal with almost no contractions and that makes for somewhat choppy reading.

Dandelions is a story of self-discovery, revenge and finally love.

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