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One More Time Is Not Enough
Belle Ami
(The Only One, #3)
Published by: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication date: July 13th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Adelia Lindstrom Bremen seems to have it all: Wealth, beauty, perfect twin children, two men in love with her, and a career she loves. But, beneath the veneer of success and prosperity lies disappointment, tragedy, and unending lies. Her parents were murdered, her marriage ended in a custody battle, and she is swept up in a love triangle. Now she has discovered the existence of a half-sister who wants nothing to do with her.

The only thing that could make matters worse is if she were to become the target of a serial killer—that’s about to happen.

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One More Time is Not Enough

Excerpt from Chapter 20

The breathtaking landscape of a glittering Manhattan spread before him, Miles sipped a glass of champagne. Once he’d dressed, Adelia had thrown him out of the bedroom with the excuse that he distracted her from her beauty regimen. Relaxed and no hurry, he waited with patience for her.

Before he heard her voice, the perfumed scent of her enveloped his senses. He turned, his breath stolen by the sight of her. The red cashmere Azzadine Alaia dress clung to her curves. Her only adornment was the diamond collar around her neck. Never had he seen her more beautiful. He loved that she’d dressed for him.

“Are you just going to stand there looking dumbfounded? Where’s the man who’s never at a loss for words?”

In her eyes he saw a mischievous sparkle. “Sometimes you just take my breath away.”

“That good, huh?” She crossed the room to him and wrapped here arms around his neck. Her body pressed to his seductively, kindling his arousal.

“Why no lipstick? I think red to match the dress would slay me.”

“I was hoping you’d kiss me first, and then I’ll slay you.”

“With pleasure.” Through the soft red cashmere of her dress, with its plunging V, her nipples grew hard and erect. “You know that dress should be illegal. I’m not sure I want to share what I’m seeing with anyone else.”

“Why not? You’re the only one who’s going to take me home and fuck me tonight.”

Her words took him by surprise. The confidence she exuded, and the way she felt, and acted, filled him with desire. She was a woman at the height of her power. He loved that she’d become masterful at keeping him off balance. The thought turned his dick to steel. “You know when you talk dirty what it does to me?”

“What?” she purred.

“You’ve become very sure of yourself.”

“I learned from a master.”

“Yes, and what a student you’ve become,” he said.

“What time did you say our reservation was for?” she asked.

“I didn’t.” The thought of a quickie had begun to take hold of his imagination.

“So, what’s it like eating dinner with an erection? she taunted.

He laughed. “I guess I’m going to find out.” He kissed her again and reached under her dress. “Jesus, baby, no panties?” He groaned. Then he caressed her between the legs, feeling her silky wet flesh. “Now I guess we’re both going to find out.”


Author Bio:

Belle Ami is an accomplished pianist, world traveler, skier and gourmet cook. She lives in Calabasas, CA and is currently finishing her sequel to The One entitled The One and More, the second novel in her (The Only One) series. She also has a self-published novel in another genre that was awarded Finalist for a major book reward.

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