Musings On My Dream Author Panel


So, I was recently asked who would be on my book-related dream panel.  Initially, I thought this was an easy question.  I had three authors in mind right off the bat.  However, as I really started thinking about it, the question became more difficult to answer.  After some serious book soul searching, I came up with my dream panel.

So picture this.  A large open space, perhaps a ball room at a fancy hotel or maybe a special events room at a convention center.  Five white club chairs are arranged in an arc around a low profile glass and steel table.  Behind the seats are large screens with a slide show of the presenting authors and their works.

Welcome to my dream panel – a collection of what I like to call the New Adult Powerhouses.

  1. Kristen Callihan – Kristen Callihan is the author of the Game On series featuring member of a college football team and their angst-filled love lives.  This series combines two of my favorite things, sports and romance, into great reads.  Callihan also writes paranormal and rock stars.  You really can’t go wrong with any of her books.
  2. Elle Kennedy – Elle Kennedy is the author of the sports romance series Off-Campus about a group of hockey players. These books are fun, romantic and have some of my favorite characters of all time.  She also writes in the adult genre.
  3. Jennifer Armentrout/J. Lynn – Jennifer Armentrout is a genre-bender. She has a couple wildly popular YA paranormal romance series, YA contemporary and my favorite – her Wait For You series written as J. Lynn.  These books are drama-filled and angsty romances with addicting characters.
  4. Rachel Van Dyken – Rachel Van Dyken is the author of several popular series in multiple genres including adult, new adult, YA and paranormal. She is such a versatile author and her writing style is easy to read.

Moderating this little shindig would be none other than the inimitable Colleen Hoover.  Hoover is the author in multiple genres and is one of the most popular romance authors of our time.

So, what would I have Ms. Hoover ask her fellow authors?  The one thing I have always wanted to know – where do you get your inspiration?  She would also ask about future releases for the authors’ most beloved series, what they find is their most successful marketing ploy and what they want to hear most from the readers.

Sigh…I can imagine this scenario right now and the faces of the crowd as they listen intently to their favorite authors speak.

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