New Release! The Secret by J. B. McGee is live!

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About The Secret:

The past finally catches up with Holden and Cammie in book four of the Magnolia Grove Series. Hidden lies have destroyed and robbed him of nearly everything Holden Masters cares about.


As buried truths come to surface, the only question that remains is whether he can finally be redeemed. Well, and will they be strong enough to survive the secret?



Deciding I could use some comedy, I opt for Wedding Crashers. Yeah, it’s a romantic comedy. It’s also just another way to torture Holden. If we’re going to be here, be the tag along friends, I need to at least laugh through it. And he can suffer through any cheesiness.

Amie and Brody take the back, good seats, of course.

Wells clears his throat. “Nope. Out. Those seats are taken.”

“Wells,” I grumble. “So rude. They’re our guests.” If I can’t sit back there, he shouldn’t get to, either. I hate having someone behind me when I watch a movie. Someone who can see my every move. And why isn’t Holden trying to bust up whatever he and Violet have going on?

Intense pain on the back of my head causes me to duck, my hands instinctively going up to shield it from further attacks. “Ouch, you jerk.”

“You took the middle row, which means Vi and I have to sit in front of you now.”

“Ew. I don’t want to watch you two making out the whole movie. I’ll switch. You win.”

He chuckles. “You’re so easy, Cammie.”

I ignore the double innuendo of that comment. My attention is diverted anyway as Holden takes the seat beside me.

He leans in toward my ear. “I thought we said we were changing clothes for the movie.”

“I did.”

He shakes his head. “You put on another bathing suit and a see-through shirt.”

“How observant of you,” I say, my lips curving into the fakest smile possible, but I’m pinned by his gaze, paralyzed with the realization that I’m not capable of being fake around Holden Masters. I’m unable to be anything other than myself, anything other than real. I lean in closer as the movie starts to play. “And you know?”

His eyes become hooded, and he looks drunk, but I know he’s not been drinking.

“I think you like it or you wouldn’t be complaining,” I whisper, my mouth so close to him I’m sure he can feel my breath. I hope he says something back to me because I desperately want to feel his.

He clears his throat. “Any guy with a dick would notice, Cam.”

His words send warmth throughout my body. I wonder if his lips are as soft as they look. I wonder what his hand would feel like in other places, not just my waist, my sides, my legs. What is wrong with me? Gah.

He looks down at my shirt, and I realize in this moment my nipples have hardened, and even though my insides feel like warm, gooey apple pie, there are goosebumps all over my skin. “Maybe you should put on a jacket or something.”

“I’m good,” I say, inching closer. Kiss me, dammit. Kiss me, Holden.

That intense feeling I’d been feeling all day at the pool returns, except I know it’s not from Holden. Yeah, his gaze is fixed on me, his lids hooded, and his eyes so dilated he looks like he has black eyes instead of blue.


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About JB McGee:


J.B. McGee is a mother, wife, and the Amazon Top 100 author of the best-selling This Series. Amazon Crossing acquired the German rights to her debut novel, Broken. Heartfall, her coming of age novel about a bullied ballerina, is a #1 best seller in the Teen and Young Adult Performing Arts genre. Skipping Stones, a military romance about a young woman strongly influenced by her faith and her family all the while searching for her true love, is a #1 best seller in Women’s Christian Fiction.

When J.B.’s not writing, she enjoys reading as well as watching and live-chatting her favorite television shows with her friends. Her favorite shows are Quantico, Blindspot, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Below Deck, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Scandal (mainly because of her love of Scott Foley).

Born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina, she attended Converse College and eventually earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from The University of South Carolina-Aiken in 2006.

In college, she was told by her children’s literature professor she would be the one student from her class to be an author. McGee shook her head and laughed. But in 2012, over six years after that statement was made and after a love of reading had been reignited, she gave writing a shot. J.B. gladly ate crow when she emailed her first book to the above mentioned children’s literature professor thanking her and acknowledging the accuracy of her prophecy.

In 2011, it was discovered that not only do both of her children, but also she and her husband, have mitochondrial disease. Affecting 1 in 2500 people, it has no cure or treatments. Being a writer allows J.B. to care for her family’s unique needs while also providing a platform for raising awareness for this disease.

She is a hopeless romantic who loves to escape into fairy tales—some she reads and some she creates.

J.B. McGee and her family now reside in Buford, Georgia.

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  1. Ann says:

    That cover! <3 I actually didn't even notice the flower in the sand/foreground until just now.
    And if only I could click my heels together three times, and have this book magically appear beside me… (*sigh*)
    Thank you for introducing me to this author and title!

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