New Release! 4.5 Stars for Tequila & Tailgates by Andrea Johnston

Title: Tequila & Tailgates
Series: Country Road #2
Author: Andrea Johnston
Release Date: Jan 27, 2017
Four years ago, I took the biggest risk of my life and it blew up in my face. I learned my lesson – love sucks.
Now self-preservation and protecting my heart have become second nature. But Jameson Strauss… he’s my weakness.
Give me the occasional shot of tequila, a game of Truth or Dare, and I’ll do almost anything for that man.
Four years ago, I didn’t follow my heart. I let the one girl that consumed my soul walk away without a fight.
Now I go through the motions never truly living. But, the day Ashton Sullivan needed me was the day my world changed for the better.
Tequila, truths, and the occasional dare are all I need to show her how good we can be.
Sometimes the truth is in the dare.

My Review:

4.5 Stars!

So, I’ve been not so patiently waiting for this book since I finished book one.  I may or may not have been Twitter-stalking Andrea Johnson for months.  Then one night I saw this book was available for review.  I was all over that.  Once I got my hands on this book, I devoured it.  Seriously.  I read the book in slightly less than six hours and you guys…it was soooo good!

We were introduced to Jameson and Ashton in book once as secondary characters.  The sexual tension between these two was evident even then and now they have their own story.  The long and short of it is – Jameson and Ashton have been friends for years.  Jameson is Ashton’s brother’s best friend, which, of course, complicates things.  They shared a kiss and then one night together, after which they spent the next four years hating each other…or not.  When Ashton is forced to move in with Jameson and while she knows it will be difficult, but she doesn’t have another choice.

Jameson was portrayed as a manwhore in the previous book, but we finally get to see the real him.  We get to see more of Ashton and get a better idea of why she is the way she is.  They are both more complex than they appear on the surface.  The story is good, really good.  It is more than just a second chance romance.  What I found most impressive was that Johnston chose not to include outside interference from other characters either pushing them together or trying to pull them apart.  No, the conflict was solely theirs and only theirs to solve.

Tequila & Tailgates is an emotional and engaging second chance romance where the main characters really shine!


Special price of $.99 through release weekend

We spent the entire weekend at the lake eating, drinking, and swimming. It’s a tradition that we maintain to this day. On the final night of the weekend, Jameson and I were the last two awake by the fire. I think together we managed to consume an entire bottle of tequila. And, as it often is, the alcohol was a sort of truth serum for us.
We started a game of Truth or Dare, which never quite mustered a dare. Until the end. Truths varied from cheating on history tests to sneaking in after curfew and even first crushes. I admitted to my fear of small children and Jameson admitted his fear of a woman dressed in head-to-toe leopard. We laughed and we cried. Tears from laughter, not sadness.
Then he asked me the final truth or dare as I took my last shot and handed him the bottle.
“Truth or Dare, Ash?”
“Hmmm. Well, considering we’ve just demolished a bottle of tequila, neither seems like a good idea. I’m likely to break a leg or make an ass of myself.”
“I’d go with the ass part. I don’t think either of us wants a lecture from Piper if we have to go to the hospital.” 
“Ain’t that the truth. Okay then. Truth it is. Hit me.”
“Do you ever think about kissing me?”
Seconds that feel like minutes pass between us. Something glimmers in his eyes as he asks me. Screw it, I can always blame the tequila.
His breath hitches and a sinister smile takes over my face. Two can play this game.
“Your turn, J. Truth or Dare?”
He stands and finishes the tequila straight from the bottle and takes the three steps necessary to stand in front of me. He bends so that his hands rest on the arms of my chair and leans in. I can smell the tequila on his breath mixing with mine. My own breath hitches.
“Dare, Sunshine.” 
“I hate that name.”
“I know.”
Our words are whispers.
“I dare you to kiss me.”
Andrea Johnston spent her childhood with her nose in a book and a pen to paper. An avid people watcher, her mind is full of stories that yearn to be told.  A fan of angsty romance with a happy ending, super sexy erotica and a good mystery, Andrea can always be found with her Kindle nearby fully charged.
Andrea lives in Idaho with her family and two dogs.  When she isn’t spending time with her partner in crime aka her husband, she can be found binge watching all things Bravo and enjoying a cocktail. Nothing makes her happier than the laughter of her children, a good book, her feet in the water, and cocktail in hand all at the same time.

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