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Today we have the blog tour for Soul Mates by Nadine Nightingale! Check out the fantastic release and grab your copy today!

Soul Mates

Title: Soul Mates

Author: Nadine Nightingale

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Release Day: March 10th


About Soul Mates:

Alex is a righteous witch hunter. I’m a stab-worthy witch. We loved each other once. Now, we can’t stand to be near each other. It’s my fault. We are natural born enemies, after all. I had to help him save his brother from a psychotic voodoo priest, though. What can I say? I like Little Remington as much as I pretend to dislike Alex. Besides, he promised to never bother me again after that.


He kept his end of the bargain. I left my dubious life behind and started over. All is well. Until—


The truth about a deal with hell is revealed. I have to choose between the ultimate sacrifice or losing jerk-face forever. One will live, one will die. Who, solely depends on my selfishness.


My Review:


5 Stars!!

This…this right here is the paranormal romance I have been looking for.  Witches, hunters, demons…I mean really, what more can you ask for?  Oh, wait…you want a steamy, I-hate-you-but-I-really-love-you romance??  You got it.  Danger.  Yep.  That’s there, too.

Soulmates picks up after the end of Karma.  Me being me, I hadn’t read Karma.  When I realized I should, I stopped, grabbed it, read it, thanked the book gods and then continued on.  You don’t have to read Karma, but honestly, why wouldn’t you?  This series is the bomb.

Moving on…

We have Amanda, a witch with a serious attitude problem, who is still trying to get over the sting of betrayal brought on by super sexy hunter, Alex, when, you guessed, Alex shows back up.  Uh oh.  Yep, Alex is back, but his reason for returning isn’t too great.  Now, Amanda has to put aside her “feelings” for Alex and help save his life.  Because, you know, he went and made a bad deal with some seriously bad folks.  What we get is an awesome road trip (for reasons you have to read to find out), demon strip clubs, more witches and hunters, the big bad and this fun little gang of four who will have you laughing one minute and wanting to throw your book the next.  And the back and forth between Amanda and Alex is some of the best I-love-you-but-I-hate-you word porn I have ever read.

Oh my goodness and that cliffhanger has me screaming!!! For real. That was dirty pool, Nadine!!  Dirty Pool, I tell you!!

If you were craving a great paranormal read with kick butt characters, bad supernatural beings, danger and some seriously steamy foreplay-like banter, well that hustle your butt along and get this book.  It will not disappoint!


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About the Author: Author Photo

Nadine aka Dini is a traveler at heart. She considers the world her home and practically lives out of her suitcases. When she’s not glaring at a blank page or abusing her poor keyboard, she spends her time reading, watching movies (preferably horror), pretends to work out, and hangs out with friends and family. Poor girl also suffers from a serious Marvel superhero addiction. So, if you run into her at night, wearing black, know she’s secretly dreaming of being the infamous Black Widow.

Her love for writing started in the sixth grade where she annoyed her classmates with a short story featuring Sailor Moon characters, a cemetery, and creepy ghosts. Yes, she’s always been addicted to the dark side. Nadine writes paranormal romance. Her debut novel “Karma” the first book in her paranormal romance series Drag.Me.To.Hell. is published by the Wild Rose Press and will be out in May 2016. She has a serious girl crush on her protagonist Amanda Bishop.

Nadine has a BA in Comparative Religions and studied Creative Writing at the University of Oxford.



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