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I loaded a plate with some fruit and a bagel and sat at the
island. Summer joined me. “I’m sorry I missed your birthday.”

She shrugged. “It’s okay.”

“It isn’t,” I said. “I messed up.”

Summer met my eyes and gave me a sad smile. “Yeah, you did.
I’ve never seen Mom like that, Rick. She was…” her voice trailed off, but the
pain in her voice twisted my gut in a way I hadn’t expected. “I heard Kyle say
he and Lo dragged you out of there. Is it true?”

Lump in my throat, I nodded.

“I can’t imagine…”

“Sum, come on, I’m fine. And it won’t happen again.” No
matter how much the darkness ate away at my soul, I wouldn’t step back in that
ring. It was a promise I’d made not only to Lo but to myself.

“I love you, Maverick.” Summer lifted her head, sitting
tall. She might have been two and a half years younger than me, but in that
moment, I felt small. “But if you hurt Lo, God help me I will never forgive

My mouth hung open as I tried to form words, but I had

I didn’t ever want to hurt Lo. She was the one good thing in
my life. I needed her the way I needed air. But Summer knew. She knew my MO. I
pushed people away. When shit got too hard or things didn’t go my way, I put up
walls so high no one could break through.

And for as much as I wanted to tell her she was wrong—that
she had nothing to worry about—I was Maverick Prince. It was a title that came
with expectations. I was son to Alec Prince and a pawn in his game. So, while I
wanted nothing more than Steinbeck and basketball and a future with Lo, I
wanted to protect her more.

Even if I ended up hurting her in the process.


Author of mature young adult and new adult novels, L A is happiest writing the kind of books she loves to read: addictive stories full of teenage angst, tension, twists and turns.Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time writer with being a mother/referee to two little people. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find L A immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.


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