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Two big hearts, one big messy ride.

Daisy Rhys is trying to sneak away from a wedding reception, when Dunk McCoy—the sexy high school football coach and guy known for a good time—comes to her rescue. He’s sweet, nice and keeps putting his foot in his mouth. Daisy is totally delighted. A quick rescue turns into a full on press of a different kind. Their chemistry is something different than Daisy has ever experienced but it looks like one-night was all that was meant to be.

The next morning, Dunk McCoy wakes up after the best sex dream of his life. But when his friends point out that he’s sporting a hickey, he’s adamant that his Cinderella could be perfect for him. He’s determined to find her, and his laughing, disbelieving friends are only too happy to send him on her trail.

Can he convince her that he wasn’t just trying to score? Or will Dunk’s attempt at true love be benched for good?

My Review

4 Stars!

Daisy and Dunk are most definitely the perfect fit and this book will be a perfect fit for your next read!

Sweet, funny and a little bit sexy, this book made me smile and swoon and filled me with “awww” moments. Dunk isn’t your everyday romance book hero. He is funny, sweet, a little bit awkard and still manage to be sexy without being over the top. Daisy is fun and sweet. The banter between Dunk and Daisy had me rolling at times.

The writing was okay. It was a bit choppy and the POV changes a lot. I didn’t particularly love the secondary characters, but Dunk and Daisy more than made up for that.

A sweet read that is a little bit different and a whole lot of fun.



About the Author:
Zoe has been writing since she was a little girl, growing up north of Chicago. Since then, she’s lived in Ohio and San Francisco, and now lives near Boulder. She has a job that she loves, but it doesn’t sound exciting to anyone else. She does yoga and takes dance classes when she can. She has a husband, who reads her romances, and an amazing little girl, who is way too young to read what Zoe writes (yet). She’s inspired by her family and friends, books and art, and all of the places she’s traveled.
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