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New Release: 3.5 Stars for Lukas by F.G. Adams

Lukas by FG Adams is NOW LIVE and only 99c for a limited time!
“FG Adams delivers another amazing story! Their work is flawless with every swipe/turn of each page in the book.” – Lady Dee’s Reading Corner
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Oh, the foolish games we play.

The moment I was gifted a test drive of the luscious Sage Blackwood, I knew she was mine. I was broken, half a man, until she pieced me back together. She changed my world forever with her magnetic humor and hot body. Sage is an expert of subterfuge. Her logic overrules her cravings. It doesn’t matter if she feels the same; I’m the master at games and puzzles. And I’ll win this game in the end. I always do.

Oh, the tangled webs we weave.

Pushing the wrong buttons is Lukas Roger’s forte. Except he presses all the right ones when he’s sending me to heaven with each and every delicious touch. But I can’t give him what he wants. I will never give myself completely to another. It just doesn’t work in my world. I bury those dreams deep. My job connected us. Now this powerful bond scares me. My body desires to cling to what Lukas offers, while my mind is telling me to run away.


My Review:

3.5 Stars!

This is a fast-paced, super steamy romantic suspense novel with a stellar hero!

This is not my favorite from this series. It will take a lot to top Oliver for me, but that’s just a personal opinion. However, I did like the straightforward story with no outside drama. It was just two people who were hot for each other but one of them can’t commit. Hello, Sage. I’m talking to you. This is where the book fell flat for me… Sage. I just didn’t care for her. She does improve later in the book, but I just never really warmed up to her. The secondary characters (old and new faces) were nearly the highlight of the book. Well, except for the caliente smexy times!

A nice addition to the series, if you like an alpha, you will love Lukas!



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About the Authors:

F.G. Adams writes contemporary and paranormal romance about sexy alpha heroes and feisty-mouthed heroines. The wonder twins forming F.G. enjoy a healthy obsession of reading that started at a young age. Their books reflect an avid imagination that was cultivated by their grandmother who taught them the mind has no limits and to use both hands when reaching for the stars. Partners in writing, they both thrive on creating unique storylines for you, the reader to enjoy.

When not writing, you can find them on a beach with their significant other enjoying the waves or riding a Harley on a country road somewhere in the USA.

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The Boys of Summer - Copy

New Release: 3.5 Stars for Prince Brock by Xavier Neal


Meet the next Prince of Tease.



Members only.

A simple rule but a valuable one.

The Castle is the most exclusive and illusive male strip club in the country. As dancers we’re treasured like royalty and as clients, you’re treated like it.

I’m the hot tempered, blue eyed beast whose bark is is just as vicious as his bite.

Every man that walks out onto the stage is loved like a prince.

I’m Brock and this is my story.

-This is the THIRD book is a series of STANDALONES-
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My Review:

3.5 Stars!

Ok. Let’s just be honest. I had a difficult time with this book. I liked the story, but I didn’t like Brock and I liked French even less. However, I appreciate the romance between Brock and French who have danced around their feelings for years.

At it’s heart, Prince Brock is really an amazing love story. Brock is a hot mess. He comes from a crappy childhood never really knowing love. French has always been a pawn to her parents and her parents only ever loved themselves. French rescued Brock from a miserable life ten years earlier and now the two have a very unconventional relationship.

Here’s the thing about these two. Brock is always angry, threatening and, in my opinion, kind of obnoxious. Also, he uses the F-word A LOT! Nearly every other word out of his mouth. I’m not joking. I’m no prude. I enjoy liberal use of the F-word, but Brock puts nearly every other book character to shame. French isn’t much better.

As you can probably imagine by my mention of the repeated use of the F-word, the sex is off-the-charts hot! Sizzling, scorching and any other s-word related to sex you can think of. I guess that’s what happens when you deny yourself what you’ve wanted for 10 years.

There is other stuff going on in the book including locating a missing relative. Of course, there is lots of conflict and turmoil. I just had a hard time focusing on that what with all the F-words, the throwing of things and slamming of doors and then this whole Breaking the 4th Wall deal.

Ah yes. Xavier Neal chose to break the mythical 4th wall. Meaning that not only do you hear the characters inner monologues and their external coversations, but they talk directly to the reader. I am okay with occasional use of this writing style, but not through the entire book. It was just too distracting for me, especially because the 4th wall parts were typed in Bold. It’s probably because I have a desk job and I see typed correspondence all day every day and the 1st rules of correspondence etiquette are no bold face and no all caps. Both indicate yelling. So, I felt a bit like the characters were yelling at me, which really isn’t too far off base considering most of what they say to us is said when they are angry.

I know this is a lot to take in, but I am asked to provide an honest review, so I do. This book is not going to be for everyone. If you like angry, alpha males and b*t&hy females and angry sex, then you will likely enjoy this. However, there is a lot in here that might easily offend someone. So, be forewarned.

I gave it 3.5 stars because I really feel the plot itself is kind of beautiful. The writing is good. It flows well, even if the choice of words and the use of 4th wall are a bit unconventional. I am a romantic at heart, so even with all the detractors, I liked the story and it had a lovely HEA.


Free on Kindle Unlimited


Xavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting
lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is
enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to
bring more exciting stories to life. 


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The Boys of Summer - Copy

New Release: 3.5 Stars for Martinis & Moolight by Andrea Johnston

Today we have the release day blitz for Martinis & Moonlight by Andrea Johnston! Check out the release day festivities and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Martinis & Moonlight

Author: Andrea Johnston

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Martinis & Moonlight:

Minnesota “Minnie” Walker has worked hard for the life she has – a close knit family, successful career, and long-term relationship. When a tragedy strikes, Minnie sacrifices everything to be there for her family. Never expecting a move to the small town of Lexington would change the course of her future, Minnie finds herself wondering if what she always thought was perfect is really what’s best for her … and her heart.


Owen Butler has lived in the town of Lexington his entire life. After years of feeling second best and wasting his time vying for the attention of his father, Owen has settled into an uncomplicated life. Not one to believe in happily ever after, he never expected the new woman in town to have him questioning everything he thought he wanted in life.


Together, under the rays of the moonlight, Owen and Minnie find themselves wondering what the future holds and if facing it together is worth the risk.

My Review

3.5 Stars!

I love this series about small town love.

Minnie is new in town and has her plate full with her new job at the construction company and taking care of her sister’s two kids while her sister is away. Owen Butler is the current town manwhore. He doesn’t believe in love and prefers hookups. They meet through work and there is an instant attraction, but things stand in their way–mostly they stand in their own way.

I enjoyed the book. It was a nice, slow burn kind of romance. The MCs both had issues they let stand in the way. Unfortunately, I didn’t connect as well with this book as I did with the first two in the series. I felt there was a lot of unnecessary filler that sort of detracted from the main story and it dragged a little. But, overall, it was a sweet romance and I really enjoyed the HEA.


Martinis & Moonlight:

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Check out the rest of the series!

Whiskey & Honey (A Country Road Novel Book 1)

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Tequila & Tailgates (A Country Road Novel Book 2):

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Exclusive Excerpt:

This week has been particularly quiet in the office, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’d even take an encounter with Owen at this point. Yep, be careful what you wish for.


The door to the office opens and I sense him before I hear him. Maybe it’s that I smell him. Not smell in a gross way, but a way that is like some weird mating call. I’m sure there’s a name for that but I can’t think of it because there he is, walking toward me in a pair of khaki cargo shorts, a sleeveless T-shirt that, thanks to the sweat on his body, is clinging to his torso and chiseled chest, and a pair of sunglasses sitting atop his head. That smile I mentioned taking over his face as he gets closer to my desk has me quickly looking away in embarrassment. I know he can tell that he affects me. I know my tell-tale giveaway to embarrassment has completely taken over my arms, neck, and cheeks in a glorious shade of strawberry.


“Well, Miss Walker, fancy meeting you here.”


“Oh, hey.” I don’t take my eyes from my screen and very diligently read the same line over and over. Why does he make me nervous? I don’t get nervous.


“Here are some invoices for you and I signed off on the time cards for my crew.”


I finally lift my eyes from my screen to see Owen sitting in the chair in front of my desk, leaning back so he is rocking on the back two legs of the chair, with his arms crossed, and a smirk on his face. The same smirk he usually offers me before not so subtlety suggesting something flirtatious.


“Thanks. Checks will be ready Monday as usual. Was there anything else?”


“What’re your plans this weekend? Date with your boyfriend? Painting your nails with the squirt?”


Clicking the save icon on the spreadsheet I’m working on, I sit back in my seat, crossing my feet at the ankle while folding my arms, and contemplating how to answer this. He’s trying to get to know me and I promised myself I’d be open to new friendships. Owen Butler is a lot of things, and while I’m not sure he’s completely harmless, I doubt he’s much more than talk.


“No boyfriend,” I casually respond before whispering under my breath, “anymore.”


“What? Some schmuck let you go? What a loser.”


I snort out a laugh; I guess my whisper was louder than I thought. The more I’ve thought about my relationship with Kent, the more appropriate a word like “schmuck” is a perfect way to describe him. Boring, self-absorbed, career driven, and missionary style are also other ways.


“Well anyway, I’m actually going to just hang out this weekend. The girls are going with my parents and it’ll be the first time in weeks I’ve had time to myself. How about you? Got a date?”


Owen chokes on what I think was supposed to be a laugh, startling me a little while simultaneously sending a little shiver down my spine to my lady bits. His voice is deep and gravelly, as is his attempt to laugh, almost like he doesn’t do it very often and his vocal cords don’t know how to respond.


“Yeah, I don’t date. Hook up maybe, but dating indicates I’m interested in a relationship and that’s not the case.”


“I hear ya. A relationship is the last thing on my mind these days.”


We sit in silence for a few ticks before Owen clears his throat and rests his chair on all four feet. I follow suit by sitting up more in my chair and grabbing my mouse. A few clicks and Owen stands and then taps the top of my monitor.


“You should call the girls.”


I look up at him, slightly confused, but not before acknowledging the sweat has dried from his torso while his shirt still clings to his skin. He must notice my gaze has lingered a little longer than necessary because he offers me that smirk again.


“Sorry, the girls – Piper and Ashton. Me and the guys are heading to the lake for a little fishing so I’m sure they’re around.”


“Oh.” The realization of how much my life has changed in the last few months struck me; when he said “the girls,” I thought of my nieces. “Yeah, uh, maybe.”


“Well, all right then. Have a good weekend, Minnesota. See ya next week.”


I don’t bother asking Owen to not call me by my full name. I know he knows it’s not my preference. And honestly, for whatever reason, it doesn’t bother me when he says it. I would never tell him that, but it’s true.



About Andrea Johnston:

Andrea Johnston spent her childhood with her nose in a book and a pen to paper. An avid people watcher, her mind is full of stories that yearn to be told. A fan of angsty romance with a happy ending, super sexy erotica and a good mystery, Andrea can always be found with her Kindle nearby fully charged.


Andrea lives in Idaho with her family and two dogs. When she isn’t spending time with her partner in crime aka her husband, she can be found binge watching all things Bravo and enjoying a cocktail. Nothing makes her happier than the laughter of her children, a good book, her feet in the water, and cocktail in hand all at the same time.



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The Boys of Summer - Copy

New Release: 3.5 Stars for One Night by Christie Ridgway!


A little bit dirty…a lot romantic!
One Night by Christie Ridgway is LIVE!

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Landscaper Brett Walker might have two sisters on the brink of making marriage commitments, but he’s not ready to promise a lifetime to any woman. Especially not to tempting and beautiful Angelica Rodriguez, one of the resort area’s wealthy visitors. They come from two different worlds.

Angelica Rodriguez wants family, friends, and a place where she can sink her roots deep. A man, not so much. After all, her father has just swindled her savings away. What she needs is a job, and when Brett’s sister offers her a position cleaning houses and his other sister says she can stay at the family cabins, Angelica can’t say no—though it means becoming a neighbor to the maddening and oh-so-masculine Brett, who makes her want to say yes, yes, yes.

On the autumn shores of beautiful Blue Arrow Lake, can two lonely, wary people open their hearts to love?

This is an enhanced version of a book previously published as CAN’T FIGHT THIS FEELING and includes extras.


My Review:

3.5 Stars!

This was not my favorite of the series, but it was still a good read and it is written by Christie Ridgway, so I automatically wanted to read it.

Brett is closed off and kind of a jerk. Angelica is determined, proud and down on her luck. The connection sparks between them, but Brett fights it at every turn. He has a preconceived notion of Angelica and it takes him forever to change his mind. It took me a bit to warm up to Angelica, but she grew on me. I really wanted them to work out and I liked that Ridgway wrote them both as a bit untrusting. It made that moment when they woke up and realized what they needed was right in front of them so much better.

While I didn’t necessarily connect with Brett and Angelica as I have with characters in the previous books, I did enjoy the story and, as usual, Ridgway’s writing is great!

One Love by Christie Ridgway is coming on JULY 18th!

One Love - Ebook.jpg

Preorder Now:


Mackenzie Walker is attempting to enjoy the last of her siblings’ weddings when her long-lost first love, Alexander “Zan” Elliott, crashes the reception. During the last ten years she’s cultivated her reputation as tough and unsentimental, but one glimpse of Zan softens her heart and sets her pulse racing. But he claims to be a short-timer in the area and she’ll never admit—not even to herself—she’s been carrying a torch for him all this time.

Zan Elliott has business at Blue Arrow Lake and then he’ll go right back to his wandering-the-world life as a documentary filmmaker. But seeing the Walkers again, seeing Mac again, brings back the best of childhood memories. There are lessons he learned then too, however. Love means loss and starting things up once more with Mac might ultimately hurt them both. Yet battling his feelings is getting more difficult by the day…

Winter is anything but cold in the snowy mountains surrounding beautiful Blue Arrow Lake as a reunion between two former lovers sparks a brand new fire.

This is an enhanced version of a book previously published as CAN’T FIGHT THIS FEELING and includes extras.

About the Author:
Christie Ridgway is a California native and author of over forty-five contemporary romances. A six-time RITA finalist and USA Today bestselling author, she writes sexy, emotional reads starring determined heroines and the men who can’t help but love them. She has a Career Achievement award from RT Book Reviews and twice has received their Reviewer’s Choice award for best contemporary romance of the year. Married to her college sweetheart, Christie lives in Southern California in a house filled with boys and pets. She writes as an escape from sports equipment, football on TV, and dog hair.
Author Links:
The Boys of Summer - Copy

New Release: 3.5 Stars for Damaged Goods by L. Wilder

Title: Damaged Goods
Series: The Redemption Series
Author: L. Wilder
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 8, 2017


With one look, she became my obsession. 
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to have her, even if that meant risking everything I’d worked so hard to build. I put it all on the line and did what had to be done – for her.
I’m determined to have her in every way. But it’s not that easy. Like me, she’s damaged through and through, scarred by a past that haunts her very existence. She resists me, rebelling at every turn, but I can’t let her go. She doesn’t realize she holds the key to my salvation. She’s the only one who can calm the beast that rages within me. 
Nathan James is every girl’s fantasy—rich, powerful, and devilishly handsome. I should be happy that he came to my rescue, saving me from my worst nightmare, but I’ve just exchanged one hell for another. He was the highest bidder, and now he thinks he owns me. He gave me my freedom. He gave me a second chance that I thought was stolen from me. He’s given me everything, except the one thing I truly want—his heart. 
Will their love heal the wounds of their past, or will they both remain damaged goods?

My Review:

3.5 Stars!
Nathan/Nitro is hell bent on revenge until he meets the beautiful Tristan.  Both of them are damaged, seeking something more out of life.  I thought the writing was great.  The story flowed well and had a little bit of everything.  The relationship isn’t easy, which I appreciate, and there is plenty of fire between Tristan and Nathan.  At times, I felt like Nathan was more focused on revenge than Tristan, even after declaring she was so important to him.  The secondary characters nicely add to the story.  A bit of intrigue and suspense are an added bonus.
I will issue a warning – this is book one in a new series and it says it can be read as a standalone, but I beg to differ.  So much from the Stan’s Fury series bleeds into this book.  It isn’t necessary to read that series first, but I wished I had because I was confused at time.
3.5 Stars for suspenseful, sweet and sexy Damaged Goods.
Leslie Wilder grew up in a small town in West Tennessee. A country girl at heart, she’s always thought that life is too short, but she had no idea how short it really was until her brother passed away in 2014. She’s always been an avid reader, loving the escape only a great book can give, and wondered if she had what it took to write one of the wild romances she’d come to adore. With the support of her family and friends, she published Inferno: A Devil Chaser’s MC, one year after her brother’s death. With him in mind, she fulfilled her lifetime dream of writing. Since then, she’s completed the Devil Chaser’s Series and continued on with the Satan’s Fury MC Series. She has so many stories in her head, and can’t wait to share each and every one.
Leslie has been blown away by the support of her readers, appreciating every message, review, and encouraging word she’s received over the past year. She looks forward to continuing this journey with them for years to come.


The Boys of Summer - Copy

New Release: 3.5 Stars for Shameful by M. Malone & Nana Malone


Title: Shameful
Series: Shameless Trilogy #2
Authors: M. Malone & Nana Malone
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2017
I am the thing that goes bump in the night. I am a liar, a
protector…a killer…I am Noah Blake.
And now that she knows my secret, she hates me.
The guilt and shame I carry around is bad enough…But
seeing the distrust in her eyes, that will kill me before my enemies do…


 My Review of Shameful:

3.5 Stars!

Book Two of the Shameless series picks up right where Shameless ends and it hits the ground running.
Lucia is reeling from the secrets that have been exposed.  Noah is still effortlessly sexy with a bit of tortured soul.  Unfortunately, about a third of the way into the book, the story stalls out and I was left wanting more.  I love Lucia and Noah and I love that things aren’t easy for them, but there was just a little too much “woe is me” for my liking.
I am looking forward to book three and finding out how this all wraps up.
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Then she was kissing him again and not with the gentle hesitancy
he’d expected. She gripped his hair in both hands and devoured, sucking on his
bottom lip with a carnal growl that sent most of his blood racing south. Noah
groaned as he hardened instantly and Lucia purred when she felt his arousal.
The little vixen had the nerve to slide her legs up and around his waist, squeezing
tight and ,rocking against his length.
“Lucia,” he breathed warningly.
“Yes. Did you need something?” She batted her eyelashes innocently.
It was supposed to be innocent anyway but everything she did was sexy.
“Everything. I need everything from you.”
Something snapped in him and he was suddenly intensely grateful they
were already on the bed. They fell back onto the covers in a tangle of arms and
legs. He couldn’t get his mouth everywhere he wanted to at once and the urgency
drove his need higher. Lucia bucked under him when he took a big mouthful of
her breast, sucking hard through the fabric of her T-shirt.
“Need more,” he growled and then pushed her shirt up and pulled the
lacy cup of her bra down so he could get at what he wanted.
“Yes, that feels so good,” Lucia whispered.
Her mouth fell open as his tongue swirled around the delicate point.
Noah couldn’t have stopped if he’d tried. He couldn’t get enough of the taste
of her skin. She whimpered his name several times before he gave her a break.
When he pulled back, her nipple was hard and red as a cherry. Lucia’s eyes
followed the movement when he licked his lips.
“Noah! Take this off,” she demanded.
He loved hearing the need in her voice, and her eyes glittered when
he helped her sit up and pull the shirt off. At his first sight of her in
nothing but panties and the lacy black bra, the swells of her generous breasts
overflowing the cups, he almost broke down and begged right then and there. She
was a goddess walking amongst mortals. Oblivious to his internal thoughts,
Lucia pulled at the hem of his shirt.
“I’m the only one undressed. I’m feeling a little lonely over here.”
“We can’t have that.” Noah yanked his T-shirt over his head and
threw it on the floor.
Lucia sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down
into her embrace.
“I really was lonely, you know. For so long all I’ve wanted was for
you to see me. For you to let me love you and give you the family you’ve never
had. I’ll be your family, Noah. Me and, hopefully one day, our children. You’ll
never feel alone again.”
His world stopped spinning and he pulled back to see her face. “Our
It shouldn’t have been a surprise. He knew Lucia wanted children and
a traditional family. Wasn’t that why he’d hated watching her date so much?
Because he’d known that one day she’d find some guy, marry him and pop out a
few adorable babies. It had torn him up to imagine his Lucia round with another
man’s baby.
But the idea of fathering her children hit him like a ton of bricks.
He came from the streets and had very few memories of his own father. What the
hell did he know about any of that? He’d seen so few functional relationships
that it was almost laughable to think he could suddenly be husband and father
material. Lucia needed a man who could do both. He looked down at her all
flushed and glowing with love in his bed. What had he ever done to deserve the
love of a woman like this?
You don’t deserve it, the insidious voice in the back of his mind whispered. She has no idea what you are truly capable
“Noah? What’s wrong?”
He hadn’t even realized he’d pulled away until she spoke. Lucia
crossed her arms, covering her breasts. Noah’s mind raced as he was assaulted
with images of what the future might hold— Lucia holding a beautiful baby with
his dark hair and her gray eyes. Lucia happy for a while until she figured out
that Noah would never be the man she needed.
Lucia leaving him.
“Nothing. I need to check on things. Stay here.” He kissed her
forehead softly when she started to speak. “I’ll be back.”
He could feel her eyes on his back as he knelt to grab his shirt off
the floor. It felt like a laser drilling a hole through him and it only made
him move faster. He needed to get away. Away from expectations and the love
shining in her eyes. He had a job to do. He would never be the man Lucia truly
deserved but he could be the protector she needed. All this emotion was enough to
make him forget what was truly important, keeping her safe. Emotion made you
soft and he couldn’t afford that.
Not with Lucia’s life on the line. 
Also Available

My Review of Shame:

3.5 Stars!

A great prequel to the Shameless series.  Lots of background details given to get you all set for the trilogy to come.  Even with all the detail, no spoilers are given and it sets up the mystery nicely!


My Review of Shamless:

4 Stars!

The Shameless trilogy is off to a great start!  This author collaboration is great.  Good writing, interesting plot and great characters make for a pretty good book.  The book ends on a cliffhanger, of course.  It left me wanting more, so bring on book 2!
Coming Soon
Releasing June 26, 2017
M. Malone
NYT & USA Today bestselling author M. Malone lives in
the Washington, DC metro area with her husband and their two sons. She holds a
master’s degree in Business from a prestigious college that would no doubt be
scandalized by how she’s using her expensive education.
Independently published, she has sold more than 1/2 million
ebooks in her two series, THE ALEXANDERS and BLUE-COLLAR BILLIONAIRES. Since
starting her indie journey in 2011 with the runaway bestselling novella
“Teasing Trent,” her work has appeared on the New York Times and USA
Today bestseller lists more than a dozen times.
She’s now a full-time writer and spends 99.8% of her time in
her pajamas.
Nana Malone
USA Today bestselling author Nana Malone’s love of all
things romance and adventure started with a tattered romantic suspense novel
she “borrowed” from her cousin.
It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana, and Nana was a
precocious thirteen. She’s been in love with kick-butt heroines ever since.
With her overactive imagination constantly channeling her inner Buffy, it was
only a matter a time before she started creating her own characters.
While she waits for her chance at a job as a ninja assassin,
Nana works out her drama, passion and sass with fictional characters every bit
as brazen and kick-butt as she thinks she is.
The Boys of Summer - Copy

Blog Tour: 3.5 Stars for Falling for the #JerkNextDoor by Theda Monroe

Falling for the #JerkNextDoor

by Theda Monroe
Publication Date: April 27, 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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A sex-starved journalist finds herself in the love jail. Will she cop a plea?

Zelda Sullivan is a successful news journalist living with PTSD. The disorder causes her to have agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder, which makes her hide herself away from the world.

Santiago Ryan recently moved to Zelda’s small town from Ireland to work as a cop. He’s Zelda’s neighbor, and someone she loathes because he turns her life into a noisy nightmare with his antics next door. Unknown to Santiago, Zelda tweets about him using the hashtag #JerkNextDoor.

When Zelda’s boss assigns her a big story that involves working with the local police department, it’s a career offer that Zelda can’t turn down, even if that means being forced to work outside of her safety zone.

In time Zelda discovers there’s a lot more to the tall, dark, and handsome Santiago than meets the eye. He knows how to handle her curves and helps bring out a long-suppressed boldness in her.

My Review:

3.5 Stars!

Falling for the #JerkNextDoor is a cute tale of neighbors who fall for each other, only it isn’t a smooth ride.
I had a hard time getting into the book.  I didn’t care for Zelda until well into the book.  I understood her situation made her anxious and untrusting, but her reactions to Santiago irked me at times.  Santiago was much more likable.  He had issues post-breakup and then trouble getting past some stuff.  He used women to deal with his issues.
I did find Zelda’s social media hashtags too be wildly funny.  She hashtagged the crap out of the situation.  I did wonder who was reading said hashtags and posts, but it really doesn’t matter to the story, just my curiosity.  The early interactions between Santiago and Zelda were interesting and morphed into much more later on.  While it was hard to get into, that didn’t take away from the blossoming relationship between them.
A sweet book about not trusting first impressions and opening yourself up to the unexpected.

About Theda Monroe

Theda Monroe is the pen name of two writers who love romance. Each brings their own fresh and fun take to the romance genre.

The Boys of Summer - Copy

Blog Tour: 3.5 Stars for Chasing Wicked by Kathryn James


Title: Chasing Wicked
Author: Kathryn James
Release Date: April 18th
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Chasing Wicked

Chasing Wicked Final Front Cover

Stone Mitchell was and always will be toxic.



I’d had a taste and it nearly killed me. Now, I knew better than to bite the apple.

He’d betrayed me in the worst imaginable way possible.

Six years later, I found myself riding out a dangerous storm with the cheating bastard.

Truths are uncovered. Deception unfolds. Passion ignites and chemistry explodes.

Adding to the drama? I hold a secret that’s unforgivable. I’m the one that ruined our second chance.

Yet, it’s Stone that comes for me with a vengeance.

He’s wicked. He’s wicked ruthless. Pure wicked sin.

…and I want another taste.

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 My Review:

3.5 Stars!

My feelings on this book are kind of all over the place.  I went from loving it to liking it to mildly confused about where it was going back to liking it to thinking it went way out in left field to finally satisfied with the ending.

Got all that?  😉

This whole book is filled with secrets and lies.  No joke.  Some seriously heavy secrets and lies.  Avery has them.  Stone has them.  Heck, even the parents have them.  The other thing that I had a hard time with was that there were just so many different things thrown into this book that I had a hard time focusing.

I liked Avery, a lot.  She was honest and apologetic.  You can’t help but feel sorry for her.  She made a mistake but she did it for the right reasons (in my opinion) and when it came time to take the blame, she took like a champ.  She started off a little meek, but man did she grow and become a strong woman who refused to give up on what she wanted.  Stone… well, I kind of thought his name fit him for most of the book.  He was stiff a character.  I get he was tortured and went through a lot, but he only had two emotions for 90% of the book – angry  and angrier.  I wanted to like him, I really did, but I just didn’t.  Ok, finally in the last couple of chapters, I warmed up to him.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that maybe a guy can be too alpha.

The bright and shining star in this book was the family relationship.  Oddly enough in a book with some seriously hot sex and secrets and lies, the aspect of family stood out loud and proud.

The story will appeal to most readers.  I liked it.  It was a easy read and written well.


Stone Mitchell—my worst nightmare.

The muscles of his back rippled against his tight-fitting black t-shirt like he’d been molded into it. He had thick brown hair that was made of silk, softer than silk…my hands remembered exactly how soft.

In a complete stupor, I let go of the handle of the suitcase, causing it to crash against the tiled floor. He spun around, tossed a dish towel over his shoulder, and froze mid-spin. Icy topaz eyes met my disgusted glare head on.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he bit out.

“Stone…” My heart screamed for me to bolt, but I didn’t take a single step.

“I asked you what the hell you’re doing here.” He tossed the kitchen towel across the countertop and folded his arms across this chest.

“I-I’m supposed to be here. Why are you here?”

“This is the last place you’re supposed to be.”

This had to be the most jacked-up karma in the world. Nausea rolled into the pit of my stomach and my nails dug into the palms of my hand. The cocky bastard wore the same expression he’d worn all those years ago.

“Dovie sent me.” My voice was barely above a whisper.

“Why the hell would my grandmother send you to my house?”

Behind him, foamy liquid spilled over the rim of the stockpot, filling the room with popping sounds as the contents ran onto the burner and sizzled. “Shit!” He whirled around, quickly moving it.

My mind formulated a hundred different scenarios to rationalize what was happening, but one thought screamed louder than the rest: Get the hell out of here. I seized the opportunity, grabbed my bag, and ran like hell. Bolting out of the house, I took the steps off the deck two at a time, my suitcase bouncing all around behind me.

Halfway down, wind whipping my hair against my face, I heard the door slam above then heavy footsteps closing in behind me. Sheets of rain blew underneath the house, stinging my skin. Adrenaline fueled my feet as I reached the sedan’s door handle, seconds away from leaving the biggest mistake of my life behind.

“Why are you here? No way did Gammy send you here,” he called out as he kept walking toward me like a predator.

“I’m here because she offered me this place for the summer. I don’t know… She didn’t send me here knowing you were here.” She couldn’t have. My Dovie would never have done that to me…or to him.

Only steps away, he showed no sign of stopping, so I spun back around to make my great escape. He caged in my body against the car, not touching me, but so close that if I moved at all, I would land against either his arms or chest. He pressed the frame of the door closed.

“Get away from me. I’m leaving, and I just want to forget I ever saw you.”

“Liar. You won’t forget. I don’t think you’ve ever forgotten…” He leaned in closer, stopping when his mouth was against my ear. “You’ve never forgotten how you whispered my name into my ear, over and over again.”

His words repulsed me. I hated him.

“I remember you being the biggest mistake of my life.”

“Turn around.”

“Go to hell.”

“I earned my free ticket to hell a long time ago. Turn around, Avery.”

The way my name rolled off his tongue caused my breath to catch; it always had. I despised the fact that he still possessed the power to make my traitorous body react. He was and always would be toxic. Forbidden. Poison. I’d had a taste, and it had nearly killed me. Now, I knew better than to bite the apple.

He pressed his chest against my back, and old memories trespassed into my mind. No matter how hard I’d tried, I’d never forgotten the last night we’d spent together. Under an audience of a million twinkling stars, we had slept on a blanket on the edge of Cotton Wilson’s private lake. That night had been beautiful. Perfect. Two days later, Stone was long gone, and thanks to social media and gossiping texts, the people in my small community knew why before I did.

“Leave me alone,” I whispered.

“I can’t do that. There’s a bad storm coming with high winds and a lot of rain. I know for a fact that the only two motels are full, and by now the ferry has already closed.”

There had to be somewhere else for me to stay. A shelter. A church. Hell, even in my car. Another large gust of wind sailed through the air, knocking over the trash bin by the driveway and causing a piece of some sort of metal to blow down the street.

He placed his hand on my upper arm in a gentle touch. “Come inside, Avery, before you end up getting hurt.”


About the Author

Author Pic

Kathryn James lives in a southern small town with her husband and a very sweet and spoiled poodle named Macy. Being a hopeless romantic, she loves to read and write about bad-boy sexy alpha males and strong heroines. The beach is one of her favorite places to hangout, relax, and write. She debuted her first novel, Crazy Beautiful Lies and released a short Crazy Beautiful Kiss which was published in A Story of a Kiss anthology. She plans to release it again as a novella by the end of summer.

For information about Kathryn L. James or to stay updated on upcoming releases, please drop by:

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The Boys of Summer - Copy

New Release: 3 Stars for Low Blow by Kristen Hope Mazzola

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**Low Blow is the fourth book in the Shots On Goal series and can be read as a STANDALONE.**

One injury – a freaking broken rib.

That’s all it took to send life into a tailspin at the age of sixteen. After getting a heart transplant, I knew that I could never take life or my talents for granted – I was going to be the best of the best. Boxing consumed my life and I was on track for greatness.

Everything was perfect until I woke up one morning, ten years after my surgery with an overwhelming need to meet her – the girl whose father’s heart beat in my chest.

Little did I know that she was going to save me all over again.


My Review:

3 Stars!

I’ll be honest.  This wasn’t my favorite.  I found it to be a bit far-fetched.  I won’t give anything away, because that’s just wrong, but that’s my feelings.

This a quick read that features a hockey player and a girl indirectly connected to him.  Let me just clarify that the hockey really takes a back seat in this one.  That being said, there is a lot of heart to this one and while I didn’t like it as much as her other books, it kept my interest.  There is a lot of heart to the plot and the characters are pretty good.  There is an instant connection and it ran pretty deep.  

I think this will appeal to most readers, especially fans of Mazzolas.



About the Author:

I am just an average twenty-something following my dreams. I have a full time “day job” and by night I am an author. I guess you could say that writing is like my super power (I always wanted one of those). I am the lover of wine, sushi, football and the ocean; that is when I am not wrapped up in the literary world.

Please feel free to contact me to chat about my writing, books you think I’d like or just to shoot the, well you know.

A portion of all my royalties are donated to The Marcie Mazzola Foundation.

Author Links:


The Boys of Summer - Copy

Blog Tour: 3.5 Stars for Dangerous Rock by Crystal Kaswell


Dangerous Rock
Crystal Kaswell
(Dangerous Noise #3)
Publication date: March 30th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance

I’m married to a rock star.
And I don’t even know his last name.

There’s a tall, tattooed man in my bed.
Not any tall, tattooed man.
He’s a rock star.
A sex god.
And now he’s my husband.
Last night, I married Joel.
It’s ridiculous. I’m a good girl. I don’t get into trouble. I don’t look twice at bad boys.
I can’t stay married to a rock star.
But there’s something about Joel. Not just the way his green eyes light up when he smiles, or the way he makes me laugh, or the way he makes me shake with pleasure–
I’m not sure I can walk away.

Bella Chase is a challenge.
With the tight bun and the cute cardigan, she’s as prim and proper as they come.
My only plan for the night is getting her under me, screaming my name.
Filling her with so much pleasure she begs me to stop.
I didn’t plan on marrying her.
But now that she’s my wife, I’m not about to let her go.


My Review:

3.5 Stars!!!

I have been a fan of Crystal Kaswell for awhile now. Her rocks stars are lovable and stick with you. Dangerous Rock, Joel and Bella’s story, was another good addition to the Kaswell rock star fold.

Joel and Bella meet at a club in Vegas, get drunk and get married. They are polar opposites but they kind of work. They have a week to decide if they stay married or divorce.

Kaswell’s writing is different than a lot of authors. Her style is choppy and in the moment. No long, drawn out inner monologues or declarations, just back and forth banter and brief glimpses in her characters’ minds. It works, but not for some. If it isn’t your favorite style, look beyond that to the story she is telling. With Joel and Bella we get a sweet opposites attract and bring the best out of each other romance. Don’t let the word sweet fool you though. There is plenty of steamy goodness, nearly every other chapter. We also get the whole will they/won’t they vibe in regards to their marriage and even their feelings for one another. The marriage question isn’t resolved until the the very end. I wanted to yell at Bella and Joel to just talk to each other.

My only real complaint was with Joel’s interaction with his band ages. They are kind of an odd bunch who have a long history but just don’t seem to mesh all that well. This is just my opinion though, so you may feel differently.

A good rock star romance with great characters and lots of heat!


Goodreads / Amazon


Author Bio:

Crystal Kaswell writes scorching hot new adult romance. When she isn’t writing, she is chain drinking tea, binge watching Law and Order, practicing yoga, or debating which fictional character would be the best in bed. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband.

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