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Every theory has a test subject … even between best friends.

The pact: Stanford.
The betrayal: AJ attending Duke.
The reason: She did something stupid like fall in love with Evan.
The problem: Evan’s not ready to let this betrayal go so easily.
The solution: Find AJ and fix them.

My Review

4 stars!

Being a teenager is hard. As a teenage girl, being friends with a teenage boy is never, ever easy. AJ and Evan’s story is emotional, angsty and engaging. Told in dual POV and alternating between past and present. If you have read my reviews, you know that is definitely not my favorite story-telling style. Although, Len Webster did a pretty good job with it without overdoing it. She used it as a plot driver to give us a better understanding of the dynamic between AJ and Evan and what led to the betrayal.

This was not a quick read, but then none of Webster’s books are. There was plenty of emotion and angst. I enjoyed the characters of AJ and Evan and their story was good. I am excited to see how their story continues. Oh, did I mention this is not a standalone? Don’t get all crazy-like, the book is good enough that it will leave you wanting more.

About Len

Len Webster is a romance-loving Melburnian with dreams of finding her version of ‘The One.’ But until that moment happens, she writes. Having just graduated with her BBusCom from Monash University, Len is now busy writing her next romance about how a boy met a girl, and how they fell completely and hopelessly in love.

She is also not a certified explorer, but she’s working on it.

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4 star review of Assured by Kaylee Ryan




Author:  Kaylee Ryan

Publication date:  May 4, 2016

Genre:  New Adult & College, Romance


I’ve always been the guy who plays the field. I like variety and my career ensures that I can have my pick of women.

Until her…

I’ve always been the girl who wants more. I want the white picket fence, the two point five kids and the dog. That’s what all little girls grow up dreaming about.

Until him…

Why is it that she’s all I can see? I no longer want the variety instead all I want is her. I won’t stop until she believes that she’s mine.

I assure you…

He’s not the kind of guy I usually date. He’s cocky, and famous and that hair. He says I’m what he wants, but I know his type. He likes to play the field. Only with me he’s different.

He’s assured.

**Audience 18 years of age and older

Soul Serenade Series
Book 1: Emphatic – Now available


My Review:

Rating:  4/5 stars!


This second book in the Soul Serenade series from Kaylee Ryan did not disappoint.  Kaylee Ryan writes hot, sexy, lovable heroes and Cole Hampton falls right into those categories.

Stacy wants to meet the love of her life.  Cole wants to play the field, not committing to more than one night.  He wants one night with Stacy, but she isn’t falling for his charms.  Cole continues to pursue her, but Stacy won’t give in.  That is until they are paired together as Maid of Honor and Best Man at their friends’ wedding.  Stacy finally admits she might want to take Cole up on all his promises of one, hot night.  The band is about to go out on tour and with Logan now pregnant, they unanimously vote to hire Stacy as Logan’s assistant.  Stacy wants nothing more than to be able to spend the next three months with her best friend and they guys from the band, so she accepts the job.  The close quarters and togetherness draw Stacy and Cole closer together and suddenly, the playboy doesn’t want to play with anyone else anymore.

I haven’t read a Kaylee Ryan book I haven’t liked and Assured was no exception.  The Soul Serenade guys are different from most rock stars in most books, which is pleasantly different and makes me love them all the more.  Cole was never a jerk in his tactics with pursuing Stacy and it was sweet to read how his feelings were changing from his POV.

There were a couple of things that bothered me about the book.  One, while I know these guys are not written as the stereotypical rock stars, it was hard for me, as a reader, to believe that Cole, Tristan and Gavin all of a sudden went from sleeping with a new woman every night to near abstinent for three months on the road.  I get that we’re supposed to see them as different and I get Cole was changing due to his feeling for Stacy, but the sudden abstinence of Gavin and Tristan wasn’t really believable.  Second, the lack of conflict sort of bothered me.  There was a pivotal moment that was traumatizing to Stacy and she had a decision to make.  I understood the decision and how it drove the story, but I was honestly expecting this big climax moment that fell a little flat.

Despite the above, this really was a sweet, fun romance with just the right amount of steam.



Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Rushing In by Vanessa M. Knight



Book details:
Rushing In by Vanessa M. Knight
(A Ritter University Novel)
Publication date: January 26th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Megan Stewart has always been the good girl, living her life imprisoned by others’ expectations, always doing what’s she’s told, waiting for her life to begin. Going to Ritter University is her chance to break away. Her new beginning. To finally get the life she wants. But somehow she’s falling into the same patterns, the same habits. She never takes a chance. Never takes a risk …until Danny.

Danny Jones is the kind of guy every parent fears— tattoos and all kinds of sex appeal, wrapped up in trouble. No one knows the things he’s seen, the things he’s done. They haven’t lived through the shit he’s lived through or earned the scars he has to show for it. No one knows, because he’s never had the time or the desire to let anyone in…until Megan.

They are all wrong for each other, but they can’t stop themselves from rushing in.


My Review:

Rushing In is the story of Meghan and Danny, two college students trying to muddle their way through college.  Meghan was raised by over-protective parents.  Danny is the player from a different background.  This is truly an opposites attract story.

I liked the book as a whole.  The characters were likable.  Danny and Meghan had great chemistry.  Although, Meghan fights her feelings for Danny for quite a while, when she finally gives in things really sizzle.

They have to fight interference from friends and family, but eventually, Danny and Meghan get their happily ever after.

Rating:  4/5 stars!!



I write contemporary romance novels with a dash of suspense. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America and Windy City RWA.

Living in Chicagoland with my husband, son and menagerie of dogs and cats, keeps me on my toes. When not writing or working or playing wife and mom, I love to scrapbook, watch movies and read anything I can find.

Author Links:



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Blog Tour and Review: No Promises by N. Raines

NoPromisesTourBanner (1)

Book details:
No Promises by N. Raines
Publication date: January 15th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance
A new adult romance by multi published author Nona Raines writing as N. Raines

She never met a stray she didn’t love…

In high school, Sam Pennywell had a massive crush on Rick Russo. But he was her cousin’s boyfriend and strictly off-limits. Meeting Rick again years later, she can hardly recognize the man he’s become.

As a paramedic, Rick’s career is all about helping others. But in the line of duty, he’s become one of the injured. He’s caught in a dark place he can’t escape on his own. He can’t make Sam any promises of love. Promises are too easily broken.

Sam spends her life taking care of sick and homeless animals. She’s never met a stray she didn’t love, and Rick is the most important rescue she’ll ever make.

(Only 99 cents until the end of January!)

N. Raines (who also writes as Nona Raines) is a former librarian who lives in upstate New York with her many pets. She’s currently working on her next novel between walking the dog and shooing the cats off the laptop. Her erotic romances are published with The Wild  Rose Press and Loose Id. Her transgender romance His Kind of Woman was nominated for the 2014 DABWAHA sponsored by the Dear Author and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books review blogs.  Her most recent work is the romance novella Write to Me and the transgender romance Her Kind of Man.

Author links:

 My Review
No Promises is a beautiful tale of second chances, healing, and love.
Sam is a kind soul who has a soft spot for strays.  No matter if they are sick, homeless, or injured, Sam can’t help but take them in and love and care for them.  Sam also has a soft spot for Rick Russo, her cousin’s handsome boyfriend, but he is off limits.  She pines for him in secret and eventually they go their separate ways.
Rick dedicated his life to helping the sick and injured as a paramedic, but in a freak accident, Rick is injured and loses his way.  A shell of the man he once was, he and Sam encounter each other again many years later.  Rick is not the boy Sam remembers.  He is broken, much like the animals Sam cares for.
Sam being Sam, she takes Rick in, gives him shelter, cares for him.  She rescues him.  The attraction is there, but Rick can’t open his heart to anyone, including Sam.  He won’t promise her anything, but Sam doesn’t care.
Grab your tissues, folks.  No Promises had me sobbing at times and crying tears of happiness at others.  N. Raines writes with such eloquence and passion that you can’t help but feel you are a part of the story.
My rating:  5/5 stars!!!  Make room on your bookshelf for this must buy!!

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New Release review: The Score by Elle Kennedy

the score

Title:  The Score

Series:  Off-Campus Book 3


Author: Elle Kennedy

Publication Date:   January 11, 2016

Genre: New Adult & College, Sport 

Pages:  Not enough…j/k…there are 350 pages of swoonworthy goodness


Rating:  5/5 stars!!!!





He knows how to score, on and off the ice

Allie Hayes is in crisis mode. With graduation looming, she still doesn’t have the first clue about what she’s going to do after college. To make matters worse, she’s nursing a broken heart thanks to the end of her longtime relationship. Wild rebound sex is definitely not the solution to her problems, but gorgeous hockey star Dean Di-Laurentis is impossible to resist. Just once, though, because even if her future is uncertain, it sure as heck won’t include the king of one-night stands.

It’ll take more than flashy moves to win her over

Dean always gets what he wants. Girls, grades, girls, recognition, girls…he’s a ladies man, all right, and he’s yet to meet a woman who’s immune to his charms. Until Allie. For one night, the feisty blonde rocked his entire world—and now she wants to be friends? Nope. It’s not over until he says it’s over. Dean is in full-on pursuit, but when life-rocking changes strike, he starts to wonder if maybe it’s time to stop focusing on scoring…and shoot for love.





I have been waiting on this book for what feels like forever!!!  So, I will start my review with a small disclaimer…I love this series!!  Here’s a link to my post on book #2 The Mistake.  It should give you a little indication of how deep my love runs.  J


Listen.  I’ll be honest.  Elle Kennedy would have had to make Dean a priest and Allie a nun and then make then live in a convent in the obscure country of Lesotho (It’s a real country!  I promise.  Google it.)  Since she did not write the book with that scenario, understand that I love love loved it.

So, we met Dean in Book 1, The Deal (Garrett and Hannah’s book).  Dean was the fun-loving, substance-abusing manwhore roommate and fellow hockey teammate of Garrett.  Anytime he was mentioned outside of the hockey rink, he was always with and/or with at least one girl.  However, there was always this implied notion that made Dean was more than what he appeared.

Oh he was!  Dean is this complex man-child who lives life by his own rules doing whatever he wants whenever he wants with very few consequences.  You can’t help but love him from the start.

Allie is Hannah’s best friend and long-time Dean-hater.  She ends up spending a night with him in more ways than one and BAM connection.  She starts to realize there is more to Dean.

I refuse to spoil books for people, because that’s just not nice.  L  I won’t give to many details, but suffice it to say, we get to see the real Dean.  He’s still sexy, funny, sarcastic and free-spirited but what lies beneath the surface is absolutely swoonworthy!  The relationship between Dean and Allie is realistically real.  (That’s not redundant.  I meant to do that.  You’ll see.)

If you haven’t read the whole series, you can jump in with this book, but I recommend reading all of them (I believe if you surf on over to you can find books 1 and 2 at reduced prices.  Do it.  Peer pressure.  Do it now!!  You’ll thank me.)

P.S.  Sorry, Dean, but I will always love Logan more!  <3


New Release Book Blitz, Review and Giveaway: More Than Once by Elizabeth Briggs

More Than Once
Elizabeth Briggs
(Chasing the Dream #4)
Publication date: December 1st 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

Special release week price of $0.99! Get this stand-alone holiday romance now before it goes up to full price!

She’s trying to be good. He loves it when she’s bad.

Andrew West is done being the nice guy. After a marriage proposal gone wrong, he’s started over in a new city and he’s never risking his heart again.

Becca Collins is done being the bad girl. After quitting the band she played bass for, she’s going to prove to her family that she’s really changed.

When Becca’s dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job on Christmas Eve, all seems lost, until she runs into a former one night stand–Andrew. To impress her parents, Becca convinces him to pretend to be her perfect boyfriend for their holiday dinner.

After Andrew shows Becca he’s all bad boy in the bedroom, neither wants to pretend anymore. But when Becca’s invited to rejoin her band for a show and Andrew’s forced to face his ex, they both wonder if they’re ready to take a leap again–or if they’re doomed to fail in life and love a second time.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play / Smashwords

The Chasing The Dream series:

#0.5 More Than Exes: get it FREE by signing up for Elizabeth’s newsletter!

#1 More Than Music

#2 More Than Comics

#3 More Than Fashion

#4 More Than Once

#5 More Than Distance (coming in 2016!)

Get the Chasing The Dream box set!



She had to be cold, wearing only a black leather jacket over her clothes, but she didn’t show it. I shrugged out of my coat and stepped close, draping it over her shoulders, even though I’d be freezing in a few minutes in only my suit. Her eyes fluttered open, and she gave me a faint smile. “Thanks.”

I nodded, my throat tightening at the sight of that smile. She wore the sexy, bright red lipstick I remembered from before, and I had the strongest urge to kiss it right off her. God, this girl was dangerous. I’d spent the last few months completely dead inside, yet somehow she’d jolted me back to life in a matter of minutes. Problem was, I wasn’t sure I was ready to be resurrected yet.

She pulled the jacket tighter around herself and took a deep breath. “What about you? Any big plans for Christmas?”

“No plans.” I looked away so she couldn’t see what it cost me to admit that. “I just started at this job a few months ago and I’m trying to make a good impression, so I didn’t want to ask for any vacation time to visit my parents back in Michigan.”

“That’s rough. What about friends here? A nice guy like you must have made some by now.”

“Nope…it’s just me this year.” Friends? Ha. I shrugged it off, rubbing my hands together for warmth. “It’s all right. I have a lot of work to do, and the office will be nice and quiet. I’ll even get paid time-and-a-half if I come in on Christmas Day.” The excuse sounded pathetic even to my ears.

“No shit?” She let out a short, harsh laugh. “That is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. You can’t be alone at Christmas!”

“It’s not that big a deal, really…”

She suddenly straightened up, her eyes widening. “I have the perfect idea.”

“You do?”

“It’s the best solution to both our problems. You come with me to my family’s holiday dinner tonight and pretend to be my boyfriend. You’re definitely the kind of guy who will impress my parents, and that way you won’t have to spend Christmas Eve alone.”

“Pretend to be your boyfriend?” A wave of panic swept over me at the thought. I wasn’t ready to be anyone’s boyfriend—fake or otherwise. “I’m not sure that’s such a great idea. Couldn’t you just tell your parents what happened?”

“Ugh, of course you would say that. Fine, forget it. It was a stupid idea anyway.” She pushed off the car and unlocked the door with her key.

“Hang on,” I said, taking her arm and turning her back to face me. If she got in that car, I’d probably never see her again, and I couldn’t let her go just yet. Not until I fixed things between us somehow. “What kind of food are we talking here?”

A slight grin touched her lips. “My mom always makes enough food to feed the entire neighborhood. Turkey and ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams with marshmallows, green bean casserole, five kinds of pies… I could keep going, but you probably get the idea.”

“Hmm, that is very tempting. But are you sure they’d be okay with me showing up unexpectedly?”

“They expect me to bring the perfect boyfriend I’ve been telling them about for weeks. You’ll fit the bill.” She tilted her head and considered. “That reminds me, you’ll have to go by the name Brett, too.”

“Brett?” She was kidding, right? One look at her face told me she wasn’t. I had zero desire to pretend to be some other guy on Christmas Eve, but after getting her fired, how could I possibly say no? I owed her this favor at the very least. “Anything else I should know?”

“Nah, I never told them that much. Just that I was dating a nice, handsome guy.”

I arched an eyebrow. “Hmm, not sure I fit that description.”

“You know you do, pretty boy.” She met my gaze head-on. “Look, after tonight you don’t have to see me again. Once the holidays are over, I’ll tell them we broke up, and we can pretend it never happened. So are you in or out?”

The smart thing to do was to say goodnight and high-tail it back to my car. I wasn’t ready to get involved with any girl, let alone one who turned my insides out with a single look or the slightest touch. But there was something about her that I couldn’t walk away from, not this time.

“All right, I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend tonight…but only if you agree to go on a real date with me later.”

MtO1 (1)

My Review:

5/5 Stars!!!

Andrew and Becca…gah, I loved them!! This book was so much more than I expected. A story of self-discovery and finding love. Andrew and Becca both suffer heartbreak and lose their sense of self.  They meet and one night between them leaves a lasting impression and leaves them wanting more. They go their separate ways with a promise to call each other, but we all know how that goes.  They reconnect unexpectedly and begin a journey to find themselves in each other. I loved it and I know you will, too! (I really need to read the first three books!)

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Briggs is a full-time geek who writes books for teens and adults. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in Sociology, currently mentors teens in writing, and volunteers with a dog rescue group. She’s the author of the Chasing The Dream romance series and the upcoming young adult novel Future Shock. Elizabeth lives in Los Angeles with her husband and a pack of fluffy dogs.

Website / Newsletter (+ Free Book!) / Facebook Group / Facebook Page / Twitter



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New Release Book Review: More Than Once by Elizabeth Briggs


Title:  More Than Once

Series: Chasing Dreams #4

Author: Elizabeth Briggs

Publisher: Victory Editing

Publication Date: 12/1/2015

Genre:  New Adult and College Romance


Rating:  5/5 stars


Where to buy:

Barnes & Noble


Synopsis:   She’s trying to be good. He loves it when she’s bad.

Andrew West is done being the nice guy. After a marriage proposal gone wrong, he’s started over in a new city and he’s never risking his heart again.

Becca Collins is done being the bad girl. After quitting the band she played bass for, she’s going to prove to her family that she’s really changed.

When Becca’s dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job on Christmas Eve, all seems lost, until she runs into a former one night stand—Andrew. To impress her parents, Becca convinces him to pretend to be her perfect boyfriend for their holiday dinner.

After Andrew shows Becca he’s all bad boy in the bedroom, neither wants to pretend anymore. But when Becca’s invited to rejoin her band for a show and Andrew’s forced to face his ex, they both wonder if they’re ready to take a leap again—or if they’re doomed to fail in life and love a second time.

**A stand-alone holiday novel in the Chasing The Dream series!***


I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Review:   Andrew and Becca…gah, I loved them!! This book was so much more than I expected. A story of self-discovery and finding love. Andrew and Becca both suffer heartbreak and lose their sense of self. One night leaves an impression and leaves them wanting more. They go their separate ways but reconnect unexpectedly and begin a journey to find themselves in each other. I loved it! (I really need to read the first three books!)

New Release Review: The Game Plan by Kristen Callihan

game on

Title:  The Game Plan

Series:  Game On #3

Author: Kristen Callihan

Publication Date: November 1, 2015

Pages:  323 pages

Rating:  4.5/5 stars

Synopsis:  NFL center Ethan Dexter’s focus has always been on playing football and little else. Except when it comes to one particular woman. The lovely Fiona Mackenzie might not care about his fame, but she’s also never looked at him as anything more than one of her brother-in-law’s best friends. That ends now.

Fi doesn’t know what to make of Dex. The bearded, tattooed, mountain of man-muscle looks more like a biker than a football player. Rumor has it he’s a virgin, but she finds that hard to believe. Because from the moment he decides to turn his quiet intensity on her she’s left weak at the knees and aching to see his famous control fully unleashed.

Fi ought to guard her heart and walk away; they live vastly different lives in separate cities. And Dex is looking for a forever girl. But Dex has upped his game and is using all his considerable charm to convince Fi he’s her forever man.

Game On

Review:   The Game Plan is the third book in the Game On series and features Dex’s and Fiona’s story.

This is a bit different than the other books in the series.  When I read it, there was constant feeling of a quiet storm on the horizon.  I knew something was going to happen, but I was just too engrossed to see it coming.

There is instalust between Dex and Fi, and if you have read any of my previous reviews, you know how much I despise the whole instalust/instalove thing in books.  But here it worked.  It worked because the characters had history and because Dex has been harboring secret feelings for Fi for quite some time.  When these two characters get together its explosive but not in a blow things up kind of way, more in a my-heart-might-explode-from-the-emotion kind of way.  The pace of the book was almost perfect and the ending was just right.  Oddly enough, this series is like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  The Hook-Up (book 1) was Mama Bear, The Friend Zone (book 2) was Papa Bear and this book was Baby Bear…just right.

The Game Plan is a sweet and sensual read that you won’t want to put down.  There is a HEA and a satisfying epilogue that seals the deal.

Review: Loving Dallas by Caisey Quinn

loving dallas

Title:  Loving Dallas

Series: Neon Dreams

Author: Caisey Quinn

Publication Date: June 16, 2015

Genre:  New Adult & College Romance

Pages:  320 pages

Rating:  5/5 stars

Synopsis:  In the second novel in bestselling author Caisey Quinn’s Neon Dreams series, a country rock band and its members embark on the rocky road to fame and find love along the way.

Every dream comes with a price…



I’m familiar with it.

I’ve had to leave behind everyone I cared about—my sister, my best friend, my band, and my high school sweetheart—in order to chase my dream of making it in Nashville.

But when Robyn Breeland walks back into my life, it’s as if the universe has decided to give me a second chance.  I’m just not sure it’s one I’m willing to take.



I practically majored in it.

Dallas Lark was the first boy I ever loved and the one who’d shattered my heart into pieces.  But I’ve moved on. Working in promotions at Midnight Bay Bourbon, I’m too busy to sit around moping over my ex. But when my company decides to sponsor his tour, I’ll have to face him whether I’m ready to or not. Dallas is determined to drive me to distraction, and my body begs me to let him.

Trouble is, my heart can’t tell the difference between a second chance and making the same mistake twice.

 Review:   I realize this novel has been out for several months, but it bears revisiting since the latest book in the series was released last week.

A little background about the Neon Dream series – the series is about the members of the band Leaving Amarillo.  The band is made up of Dallas, his sister, Dixie, and their best friend, Gavin.  They are a complicated group of people who come from difficult backgrounds and are family to each other.  Each book in the series focuses on one of the band members.  The first book, Leaving Amarillo, is about the three of them collectively, but mostly focuses on Dixie.  Book two is Dallas’s story and book three is Gavin’s.

Loving Dallas is an emotional story of second chance love.  Dallas and Robin were high school sweethearts.  They were everything to each other, until Robin broke it off without explanation.  Dallas kind of went off the rails a little after the break up, but he never forgot Robin, or stopped loving her.  In Loving Dallas, they are unexpectedly brought back together and their love is given a second chance.  Of course, with all great books, the path to happily-ever-after is paved with speed bumps.

I wasn’t a big fan of Dallas in book one.  Oh, you know it.  I kind of love Dallas now.  Poor, understood Dallas.  He really redeems himself and who knew he had such alpha tendencies in him.

Loving Dallas will make you swoon, laugh, cry and cheer.  This book had one of the best HEAs of the books I’ve read of late.

Happy Release Day, Tiffany King!!! A Shattered Heart, A Fractured Lives Novel

Happy Release Day, Tiffany King!!

Today is the day for book two in the Fractured Lives series – A Shattered Heart by Tiffany King!!!

If you’re not familiar with the Fractured Lives series, it centers around a group of friends who were involved in a horrific car accident on the night of their high school graduation.  Not all of them survived.  Book one in the series was a highly emotional read with fantastic characters.  King’s writing draws you in and you can’t help all the feels.

Just look at the gorgeous cover!


About the book:

From Tiffany King, USA Today Bestselling Author of A Shattered Moment, comes book 2 in the Fractured Lives Series.

A Shattered Heart is the story of Kathleen “Kat” Darby who discovers that although you can run away, you can never escape the ghosts from your past.

Physically, Kat Darby walked away relatively unscathed from the tragic car accident on the night of her high school graduation. Emotionally, her scars run much deeper from the loss of two of her best friends and her longtime boyfriend, Dan. Unable to face the constant reminders of the person she thought she would love forever, Kat leaves for twelve months to study art in France before returning home to start her life again.

Life in Florida proves more difficult than Kat anticipated with remnants of the accident still lingering. The only solace she can find is in her love for art until she runs into Brian, the younger brother of her deceased former boyfriend. Finding they can lean on each other, Kat and Brian find comfort in their emotional common bond. When an unexpected romance develops, Kat must decide if she is willing to face the ghosts from her past in order to love again.

Don’t delay!  Click one of the links below and grab this eBook today!!!  I know I will.  I’ll be posting my review later this week.

Amazon: A Shattered Heart

Apple: A Shattered Heart by Tiffany King

Kobo: A Shattered Heart

Don’t forget to add this to your Goodreads list!!

Goodreads: A Shattered Heart