Review: Heart of Stone by Tess Oliver



Title:  Heart of Stone: An Alpha Bad Boy Romance

Series:  Stone Brothers Book 2


Author:  Tess Oliver

Publication Date:  July 19, 2015

Genre:   Adult Contemporary Romance

Pages:   204 pages


Rating:   5/5 stars!!


Synopsis:  Book 2 of the sexy, bestselling Stone Brothers series by NYT bestselling author Tess Oliver and Anna Hart

She could be standing in a sea of beautiful women and hers would be the only face I saw. It was something I would have told her if I hadn’t been such a fool. But I was a fool.

I want to know that Hunter would be lost without me. I want him to wake up thinking about me and go to sleep thinking about me just like I do about him. I want him to feel that same tug in his chest that I feel in mine every time he looks at me. But I’ve been fooling myself.

A bitter, dark childhood has left Hunter Stone hardened to the world around him. Giving his heart to anyone, even Amy Linton, the woman he cares most about, is impossible. Hunter will do anything for Amy, anything, that is, except commit. At the same time, he can’t tolerate any guy getting close to her. But Amy is tired of being his ‘go-to’ girl and now Hunter faces the prospect of losing her for good. 

Amy Linton has loved Hunter Stone since childhood, a childhood that was nearly as grim as the one Hunter and his brothers endured. She can’t imagine a life without Hunter but mentally, he remains distant and even cold.She needs more, and if he can’t return her love, she is determined to break free of the hold Hunter Stone has on her heart and her life. 

A full-length novel. Approx. 50,000 words

Contains mature content. Recommended for readers 18+



My Review:   This is book two in the Stone Brothers series – Hunter’s story.

Hunter is the eldest and the baddest Stone brother. He had a rough childhood, had to grow up early and lives life by his own rules.  He sleeps with lots of women, but only one matters – Amy “Street” Linton – his lifelong friend and neighbor –his Street Corner Girl.

Amy has loved Hunter all her life, but Hunter won’t give her what she wants and needs, his love. She has had it with being his go-to girl, his fallback. She wants to his One.

This book had me swooning from page one. I love Hunter, even with all his messed up issues and I’m not good enough for you attitude.  Underneath it all is a man who loves his family and friends. The relationship between Hunter and Amy is real and frustrating and satisfying all at the same time. I just couldn’t get enough.

I love Tess Oliver’s writing.  It flows well and she writes enough realism into her characters that you feel like you are right there in the story with them.

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