Book Review: Carousel by Jennifer Renson

Carousel book cover

Title:  Carousel

Author:  Jennifer Renson

Publisher:  Propel (Pulse)

Publication Date:  August 18, 2015

Format:  eBook

Genre:    Young Adult Fantasy

Pages:   88 pages


Rating:   5/5 stars!


Where to buy:  Amazon



After living in the countryside for years, Princio returns to his homeland, the tiny yet prosperous Kingdom of Lucca, upon the orders of his dying grandfather. Living alone in the annexed building next to the palace, Princio is discovered by the kingdom’s chief doll maker, Feletti, who purposely withholds his knowledge of Princio’s past in order to gain his trust and friendship. Princio believes Feletti to be a true friend until he meets Marian, a girl with a penchant for cooking and a natural curiosity, and their chance meeting in the kingdom’s carousel sets off a series of events with the potential to change everything. As Princio, Marian, and Feletti’s dark secrets begin to unfurl, their lives slowly come to light – as love hangs delicately in the balance…

I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



Carousel is a short YA fantasy novel that was surprisingly sweet with a touch of darkness and a splash of romance.  A great novel for all ages.

The novel starts off with an epilogue that gives the reader a solid background to the story to come.  I was pleasantly surprised that for as short at the book is, the characters were very well developed.  We, the readers, are treated to a fairy tale-like story with shades of the Pied Piper, Pinocchio and Beauty and the Beast.

The book is appropriate for most ages; although, there are some dark parts of the book that could be scary to younger readers.

My recommendation:  If you are a fan of fairy tales, mystery and happily-ever-after, than this quick, fun little read is for you.


About the Author



Author Photo

Reading, writing, photography and art have been passions of mine since childhood. Now I am able to take my passion and turn it into a career.

I am a published writer, poet, public speaker, artist who wants to spread my work so that others can be inspired, find it relatable, and want to be motivated.

Since high school I had been involved in writing, poetry, literature, and free expression. These interests continued and I am proud to see that my work is seeing the light of day.

Currently my poetic works include: “Delightfully Dark” A Collection of Poems and Tales
“Eo” Go, walk, ride, sail, pass, travel

My first young adult novel “Carousel” received the 2015 Best in YA Fiction Award by Urban Literary Agency, including 5 star reviews.

The poems range from themes of love and heartbreak, to finding answers, chasing dreams, to being inspired by AMC’s The Walking Dead, the Victorian Era, and Ancient Egypt.

I had the opportunity to meet actor/photographer/artist Norman Reedus at the Philadelphia Wizard Convention in June 2014 where he received the first copy of my first poetry book “Delightfully Dark” and actor Michael Rooker in 2015.

I was an extra in Chris Rockwell and The Stickball Social Club’s music video “We Don’t Play to Win”, I freelance write for Lost Treasure Magazine, received “Most Notable 2015 Recognizee” on 1-4-15, filmed and starred in #TWDSweeps Contest, a finalist for AMC’s The Walking Dead Ultimate Fan and continue to participate in Open Mic events in the New Jersey area.

I’ve been interviewed both for online magazines, radio stations and blogs and met the creators behind The Lego Movie Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

I look forward to the day when my books are on every store, library and bedroom shelf, shared, enjoyed and loved by everyone.

Be a deer and follow me for more information, updates, events, and more!
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