3 Star Review of Bachelor by Winter Renshaw



Bachelor (Rixton Falls #2)

Author:  Winter Renshaw

Publication Date:  May 1, 2016

Genre:  Contemporary Romance


Derek Rosewood is never going to marry.

Ever. Again.

Fresh off the heels of a bitter divorce, there are only three things he gives a sh*t about: his daughter, his career, and his bachelorhood.

An attorney by trade and happily married to his job, he saves the drama for the courtroom and keeps women at an arm’s length. Their fragile, sequined hearts are safer that way. And besides, he’s not in any condition to offer them the love and attention they so foolishly seek from him.

Believe him, he’s not what they need. Not after what he’s been through.

It’s not until he’s assigned as the financial conservatorship for an aloof, enigmatic heiress that he finds his professional – and personal – boundaries pushed to the wayside. They’re all wrong for each other. Emotionally unavailable. Bitter. Jaded. And he’s supposed to look out for her best interests. Protect her.

But *this* wasn’t supposed to happen. And for that reason, Derek Rosewood pleads the fifth


My Review:

Rating:  three stars


Bachelor is an endearingly romantic read.

Derek Rosewood is a bitter man whose only loves are his job and his daughter.  He went through a bitter divorce from his daughter’s mother and she basically turned him off love and relationships.  Sarina is an out-of-control heiress forced into a conservatorship after her recent erratic behavior.  She found her fiancée in bed with her two best friends and kind of lost it.  Derek’s law firm is hired to handle her conservatorship and his father appointments him as her conservator.

So, we have two romantically broken people sort of forced together.  She is beautiful.  He is hot.  Sparks fly.  However, Derek is the one pushing Sarina away.  He doesn’t want to risk his job or his heart.  Sarina doesn’t want romance, she just wants to get physical.  They fight their attraction, but that only lasts for so long.

Honestly, the story was a bit predictable.  There weren’t any new twists on an old story.  But, Winter Renshaw’s writing makes up for the lack of that something different.  Renshaw’s characters are always nicely developed; although, I do think Sarina falls a bit flat and I’m not sure this is how I would have gone with Derek’s character, but hey, I’m not the author.  I always love every chance I get to read about Demi and Royal (two of my fav of Renshaw’s characters).

I enjoyed the book enough that I read it in one day.  It had enough going on to keep the reader entertained and enough feels to satisfy my romantic side.

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