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About the Book

Title: Persephone’s Orchard

Author: Molly Ringle

Genre: Paranormal Romance / NA Fantasy

The Greek gods never actually existed. Did they? Sophie Darrow finds she was wrong about that assumption when she’s pulled into the spirit realm, complete with an Underworld, on her first day at college. Adrian, the mysterious young man who brought her there, simply wants her to taste a pomegranate. Soon, though she returns to her regular life, her mind begins exploding with dreams and memories of ancient times; of a love between two Greeks named Persephone and Hades. But lethal danger has always surrounded the immortals, and now that she’s tainted with the Underworld’s magic, that danger is drawing closer to Sophie.

An Interview with Molly Ringle!

Hi, Molly!  We would like to welcome you to Quesarasera Book Blog.  Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Where did the inspiration come from for this book?

I’ve loved the Greek myths since I first read about them as a little kid, and the story of Persephone in particular stuck with me. Way back in my youth in the late 1990s, I wrote the first version of this novel, a Persephone/Hades love story with tie-ins to modern characters. However, it needed a lot of work, so I shelved it, and finally came back to it a few years ago and rewrote it, a full update. I’ve since learned that the Persephone myth is the favorite for a lot of people, and has been written in a lot of ways by many authors! I’m glad to be part of the fandom.

What was your favorite school subject?

English, and also theatre and band, when I took those. Creative artistic endeavors bring out the best in me. My love of language also means I tended to enjoy my foreign-language classes too (Spanish and Italian), though I’m out of practice in actually speaking those.

What is your favorite color?

I would say green. I like living in the Pacific Northwest because we get to be surrounded by green most of the time. I doubt I could live in a desert, even though I enjoy visiting them. And maybe this preference is genetic, because green is the favorite color of both my kids too!

What is the hardest thing about writing?

For me it’s getting over the self-doubt. I’m constantly thinking my story’s not good enough, people won’t like it, my vocabulary needs tuning up, I should do more research on this topic I’m writing about, I don’t understand the publishing industry well enough, etc. I definitely have a personality prone to the “imposter syndrome,” and it can paralyze me in trying to do anything. The writing therefore goes most smoothly when I tell myself, “No one’s paying any attention; just write the stuff you love, the way you want to write it.”

What is your favorite food?

As a treat, a good-quality dark chocolate. I could pretty much live on cheese, fruit, salad, and bread, though. And tea! Must have tea.

Do you ever get writers’ block?

I don’t feel I’m ever blocked, but I occasionally come to a temporary standstill because I’m not sure what should happen next. Usually I can fix this by opening a secondary document and writing journal-style about the plot or the character or whatever I’m not understanding clearly enough. It also helps to remind yourself you always get to fix things in revision later!

Author Bio


Molly Ringle has been writing fiction for over 20 years, and her stories always include love and humor, as well as the occasional touch of the paranormal. Molly lives in Seattle with her husband and kids, and worships fragrances and chocolate.









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