New Release!  4 Star Review of Keep Me Warm by Jude Ouvrard

Keep Me Warm

Author:  Jude Ouvrard

Genre:  Contemporary Romance


When a fire turns your heart into ice, it can’t possibly melt without revealing scars.Adele has lost everyone and everything she loves. Now she’s coping with an unwanted new reality which includes working as a maid in a chic hotel in downtown Seattle to make ends meet. Uninterested in a relationship, her frozen solitude suits her just fine. 

She thinks.

When a handsome guest walks into the room she is cleaning and sets her frigid life ablaze again, Adele discovers there is more than one way to burn. Will this new friendship be a smoldering ember or ignite a conflagration which could consume what remains of her heart and soul?
My Review:

4/5 Stars!!!

A beautiful story of recovery, hope and finding someone to love again.

Adele lost everything to a tragic fire, including her husband and son.  She has struggled to move on in life and wallows in feelings of guilt and sadness.  She meets Mason at work.  Mason is part owner of the hotel where Adele works.  He is focused only on business.  When they meet, the connection is instant.  Mason is caring and kind and he shows Adele how much life she has left to live.

Quick, sweet and romantic, Keep Me Warm is a great read!



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