Book Auction to support Kathryn Jacoby. Please consider participating.


This a personal post, which are rare for me, but I want to get the word out and ask you all to consider helping out.

If you are a member of the book world, you might know Kathryn Jacoby, fellow blogger and PR extraordinaire. I am honored to consider her a follow book lover and friend.  Unfortunately, Kathryn was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Kathryn is a wife and mother to three children.  Cancer treatments are not cheap and adding that on top of how expensive we all know raising kids is, Kathryn and her husband could use some help.

There are many ways you can help and I will post the links below, but there is one special way you can help and maybe get something you’ve been wanting out of it, too.

A wonderful group of authors and book lovers have come together to organize an online book auction to raise money to help Kathryn and her family.  This is a fun and unique way of helping and even if you can’t donate a lot, even just a few dollars will help, or you can even donate something for the auction by filling out the form below.

Kathryn is staying positive and knows she can beat this and I know she can, too!

Please consider helping in any way you can.  Even prayers!

Thank you,










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