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Title: Shattered Illusions

Series: The Club Series Book 2

Author: J.C. Thompson

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I thought my life was on track. I own a successful nightclub. I fell in love with an amazing man. Everything was going as planned. Until it wasn’t. One reckless decision may have cost me everything. I put too many people in danger and now the one person I thought I could count on is pushing me away and trying to tell me he isn’t who I think he is.



Hind sight is a b**ch. You are always left with the what if’s. What if I had told her the truth? What if I had stopped her from leaving my office? What if I had never become involved with her. I can’t change the past, but I can right my wrongs. Shouldn’t be that hard. Only it is. I need to do what’s best for Aly. Do I take the cowards way out, or listen to my heart and fight for my own Illusion of what our reality could be?


**Shattered Illusions is NOT a standalone and should be read following Illusions. Shattered Illusions in the conclusion of Cole and Aly’s story**



Sara’s Review:

4/5 Stars!

The second book in the Illusions series is now available and it is awesome!

4/5 Stars!

Aly and Cole’s story continues in Shattered Illusions.

Shattered Illusions picks up shortly after Illusions ends (which was a doozy, by the way).  Cole has a secret that he won’t share.  He has made mistakes that have threatened his relationship with Aly.  Aly has made a bad decision of her own.  These choices have changed everything for them and now they must decide if they want to fight for what they have or let it go.

Will their secrets and lies ruin them?  Can Cole man up and fix things?  Shattered Illusions is full of drama, secrets, lies and choices.  Find out in this fantastic conclusion to Cole and Aly’s journey!

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