New Release: 4 Stars for Stolen Tyme by S. L. Ziegler




Title: Stolen Tyme
Author: S.L. Ziegler
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 14, 2017
Time doesn’t heal.
Time hurts.
Makes you stronger, rougher,
And smarter.Now that I’m back,

Xavier Scott can’t hurt me again,
Won’t hurt me.
I’ve seen my share of pain,
Felt it,
Owned it,
And released it.After one look,

One touch,
One tremble,
And I’m that broken, naive girl again.I want him,

My body aches for him,
My soul needs him.
But, my head will be damned to fall for that again,
Fall for X.He stole my heart before,

But not this tyme.



My Review:

4 Stars!

This amazing story is the continuation of Xavier and Naomi’s story that started in Borrowed Tyme (which is included in the book).  I was thrilled to get more of these two characters who started so long ago and after being separated for so long are now back in each other’s lives.  These two are passionate and their chemistry flows off the pages.  At times it is hard to like Xavier and his back and forth with Naomi was exhausting, but it all leads up to something really great.


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Author Bio
S L is a self-described book junkie. She spent her whole life with her head in the clouds, dreaming of characters and imagining how their stories will play out. It wasn’t till later when those stories in her head became too much to handle and made it onto paper. When SL isn’t reading or writing, she is spending her time with her two crazy kids and husband. Where they reside in a home just outside of Atlanta. SL is true buckeye fan and lives for the weekends where she can drink a glass of wine and devour the books waiting on her Kindle.
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