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Steamy & Dreamy: A Collection of Sizzling Romance, Fairytales, and more!

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Featuring NYT, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors, this collection satisfies with its wicked paranormal alphas to sizzling contemporary romance.

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Prowlers and Growlers

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Step into the shadows with witches, werewolves, shifters, vampires, and soul mates: the sizzling hot alphas you love.

Are you fated to find your fantasy lover in these seductive, steamy pages bursting with danger and desire?

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It’s witchcraft…

Nestled in the shadowy thoroughfares of Salem, Bridget has created a new life for herself. Saved from the noose by the mysterious Mr. Black during the witch trials, she runs Broomstix, a thriving curse worker and hex shop. Dangerous cravings thrust her back in harm’s way as evil stalks the streets. Will the allure of the forbidden be her curse or her salvation?

Alistair is a wolf caught between desire and duty to his pack. His Alpha goes missing and evidence of arcane magic and murder come a little too close to home. A chance encounter at a Halloween party brings his beast to the forefront and one night of passion leaves him wanting much, much more.

A war is brewing in Salem between the wolves and witch kind. When more deaths are found linked to rogue wolves, the two join forces. But wild magic reigns on Samhain and the moon may just have a mind of her own…

Tags: shifter romance, witches, Salem, wolves, demons, angels, curses, Halloween

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Curse Worker Series:

1. Sanguine Shadows (Fenris and Mari) Amazon Smart URL:

2. Map of Bones

3. Malediction

4. Arcane (coming soon in the Prowlers and Growlers box set!) Amazon Smart URL:

5. Wild Magic (Fenris and Mari) coming soon

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