4 Stars for Wrong Time for Mr. Right, a Barefoot Bay Kindle World novella by Nicole Flockton!


New from Nicole Flockton!

Step into the Kindle World of Barefoot Bay with this new novella from Nicole Flockton!


At the peak of her career, Hollywood star Sienna Fairley turns her back on it all when she finds herself the guardian of her brother’s son. Wanting to give the boy some stability she uproots them both and moves to Mimosa Key. The last person she expects to see is her handsome former Agent, Aaron Madison—the man she’s hidden a massive crush from since the moment she met him. But Aaron’s presence could threaten the new life she’s created.

Aaron Madison never thought he’d see the woman who caused him no end of grief when he arrived at the world famous Casa Blanca Resort, in Barefoot Bay, to be best man at a friend’s wedding. Sienna Fairley’s diva attitude was legendary, her tantrums memorable, but they’re nowhere to be seen now. In fact, her role as a mother shockingly seems to be one tailor made for her. An inconvenient attraction long buried bursts to life.

With the threat of a custody battle hanging over Sienna’s head, it’s the wrong time for Mr. Right to resurface in her life. Or is it the perfect time?

My Review:

4 Stars!

A great novella about family and finding love. Part of the Barefoot Bay Kindle World!

Sienna becomes the guardian to her nephew and moves to Mimosa Bay to give him a happy place to call home. After the move, she runs into her ex-agent, Aaron. Aaron isn’t particularly thrilled to see her because she gave him grief with her diva attitude. However, the attraction is undeniable. They slowly give in to the attraction, but it threatens her fight to get full custody of her nephew.

A sweet, sexy story with a sizzling attraction and a bit of angst. Caleb, the nephew is a cutie. I loved the banter between Aaron and Sienna and the not so slow build of relationship.

A quick read perfect for curling up on the weekend!

Grab it today!


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